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Thread: 2012 Convention Info......... The Reunion!!

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2011-09-05 15:33:47
2012 Convention Info......... The Reunion!!
2012 SR20Deep Nissan Convention

After many phone calls and decision making I am proud to announce that the 2012 Convention is coming to Ohio. I along with Lourok and XxToKeSxX will be organizing the 2012 festivities. Once we got approval from the powers that be (the wonderful SR20Deep family) we hit the road running. We have some great ideas and luckily things are falling right into place perfectly. We still have some things to fine tune but, in a nut shell things are pretty much set in stone.

The Official Convention dates will be Friday, June 1, 2012 through Sunday, June 3, 2012.

Hotel Info

We will be staying at the Hyatt Place located in Independence, Ohio (20 min south of Cleveland, Ohio). Hotel rates and reservation information will be posted once contract negotiations have been finalized. We have a meeting room set up for Thursday, May 31, 2012. I am planning a very informal meet and greet. Pretty much some time to meet people and talk about the fun filled weekend. As of right now I am thinking to start this meet and greet at or around 8:30 PM. Also for people flying in the Hyatt Place offers to and from shuttle service at no cost. There is plenty of parking for us and for those of you who may bring their cars on trailers the space is available. The cool thing about Independence, Ohio is that there is a lot to do locally. Many restaurants and some cool hangout locations. Another kicker is that we will all get free breakfast every morning. Also there is a small bar so we can get our swerve on. Now I made sure that they didn’t have a water fountain…. Is that OK with you WILL????


Here are all the hotel details as promised. As of right now we have 25 rooms blocked off. The rooms are all a suite style set up. We have the choice of a single king size bed room or two full size beds per room with both of them having a sleeper sofa. Comfortably in the two full size bed room with sleeper sofa 3 people can sleep and of course they can be filled with more . The room rates are locked in at $89 a night plus tax. This rate will be available only if you book your rooms prior to April 30, 2012. After the cutoff date the rates will go up to $149 a night plus tax. So please get these rooms reserved so you can get the group rate. They will need a major credit card to make the reservations. Just mention you will be attending the 2012 Nissan Convention. As you all know my name is Robert Ocasio just in case they ask who the hosting party is.

Now once you book a room you have up to 72 hours prior to your arrival date to cancel. If you do not cancel prior to that 72 hour deadline you will be charged a minimum of one night’s rate ($89 + tax). I have no control over this so please make sure you guys stay on top of this. This is all part of the contract so take this as me telling you so. You are 100% responsible for this as well as any other charges made to the room and or damages.
The room rate of $89 + tax is only available from May 31, 2012 through June 3, 2012. Any other nights outside these dates will be charged the hotels normal rates.

The Hotel is located at:

Hyatt Place
6025 Jefferson Drive
Independence, Ohio 44131
PH: 216-328-1060

I know it is still far out but, as far as parking we will be parking in the back of the hotel. There is plenty of space for our cars and for those of you who plan on tailoring your cars.


For all of you all out turn crazy gear heads on Friday, June 1, 2012 we have the pleasure to be able to have our track day at Nelson Ledges Road Course located in Garrettsville, Ohio. Track rates are at $130 dollars for 6 hours of fun all out racing on a great 2 mile road course. We are pretty much guaranteed to run 20 minutes out of every hour from the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM. The event we are joining is called a Fun Day Run Day. Pretty much it is a test and tune type environment and for the most part we may be the only organized group there so track time should be plentiful. Standard road course safety equipment is required such as helmets, seat belts, and a properly running car with no leaks and what not. Pretty much a properly running car will be allowed to run.

More details will be added as we get closer to the dates.


Drag Day…….

Well guys the Drag Day info is locked in. Things became a little challenging due to having a real hard time gettin a hold of people to talk to but, after some leg work we have things locked in. Our Drag Day will be hosted at a Test and Tune track called Dragway 42 http://www.dragway42.com/ located in West Salem, Ohio and it is about 45 min from the Hotel we will be staying at. It is a old school track that his been around since the early days of Drag Racing it is out in the farm land of Ohio. To be honest with you it is not the best track in the area but, the fact that it is low key and simple I feel it will suit us well. We will be able to settle some grudge races.

Now to the cool part. On Friday June 1, 2012 they have a Test and Tune (Grudge Race Night) that starts at 5 PM and ends at 11 PM. If we really wanted to we could go that Friday after the road course day which ends at 4 PM. Now on Saturday, June 2, 2012 they have another Test and Tune night that starts again at 5 PM and ends at 11 PM. They also have a 100 MPH Club Race that we are more than welcome to participate in. In a nutshell that is the Drag Day + some if we really want to do some extra racing.

As for Saturday during the day as we wait for 5 PM to roll around Lourok and I have a couple of ideas that we will post later on. We were thinking something along the lines of a morning meeting at a local car wash and then a cruise of some sort. If not people can go explore and visit good old Cleveland. We will discuss things later on.

Picnic /BBQ Day

This is something that I truly wanted to keep simple and family oriented. After speaking with Ameen and Lou we decided to host our Picnic/BBQ at a place called the 103rd OVI. Now the story behind this place is interesting. My wife’s family are members of the 103rd OVI. The 103rd OVI was a voluntary group of men who fought in the Civil War many moons ago. After the war was over this group of men and their families on a yearly basis created a reunion. After many years of theses yearly reunions the group decided to purchase some land (4 acres) located right on the bank of Lake Erie. So as the years went by these people started to build these really nice cottages that to this day have been converted into full time homes and summer homes. I am fortunate enough to now be part of this and our family happens to own 3 houses on this property. There is plenty of parking and there is a nice simple meeting building/kitchen that is often rented out for baby showers and wedding rehearsal dinners. So it is the perfect place. If you want to go for a swim or just want to sit back and relax and talk car smack this place is perfect. The 103rd OVI is located in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. If you are a Civil War buff then this place is for you. We have a very nice Museum as well so tours can be set up.
During the picnic we have a raffle planned and we hope to be able to give out some great items once the sponsors get lined up. No alcohol allowed!

Car Shoot Out!

This will be organized by the one and only Wes. I will let him post the details of this in his own thread.

Guys our goal for this Convention was to keep it affordable and it will be a pay as you go type of weekend. Meaning that no money will be needed up front. This avoids the transferring of money from hands to hands. I feel this is something that hurt some Conventions. The SR20Deep Family wants to keep the Conventions alive and going. We also wanted to keep the driving down to a minimal while you are all here. As of right now everything is within 1 hour of the hotel. I feel this is great. This will be my first Convention so what better way to ensure that I go? I decided to help organize one .
To avoid any miscommunication I will use this post and edit it as I gather details. I will make sure to post that updates are available.
So with that being said I promise you that this Convention will be great. Ameen, Lou and I will not have it any other way. We have some great ideas and like I mentioned above we are still fine tuning some things so when the details come in as far as hotel contact information and airport info for those of you flying I will post it all up.

Thanks to everyone for giving Ohio a chance to show you all a good time.

Rob Ocasio

I quickly created a Facebook page. I will try to keep this up to date as well.

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2011-09-05 15:57:26
Great job on your setup Rob

This is going to be a convention you guys will not want to miss.
Last edited by happynole on 2011-09-05 at 15-57-59. Reason: agreeing with Rob
2011-09-05 16:01:01
Guy's if your unfortunately unable to make it, please refrain from posting in this thread, we don't want this to become the "I can't make it thread"

We already understand everyone won't be able to make it. No need to waste thread post about it.

Rob has put alot of time, sweat and work into this so please act like gentleman.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there and finally getting some track time with other se-r's. I can't wait.
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2011-09-05 16:03:39
Have fun. Too far and zero desire to go to Ohio for anything.
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2011-09-05 16:51:46
Originally Posted by Ziptied
Have fun. Too far and zero desire to go to Ohio for anything.

fine with us

its never too far to show support to a great community that helps each other out and meet the people that do so
2011-09-05 16:57:31
2011-09-05 17:15:39
Finally im making one!!! Yyyyuuupppp!!
2011-09-05 17:24:49
I'm there. Awesome to hear. Thanks to all who helped set it up!
2011-09-05 17:25:54
I'm super psyched about this,not far of a drive from NJ. After making it to the CT convention and having such a good time,there's not a chance of missing this one.
2011-09-05 17:28:52
Originally Posted by THATDUDE
I'm super psyched about this,not far of a drive from NJ. After making it to the CT convention and having such a good time,there's not a chance of missing this one.

I hope you can take your own car there this time!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see Manny driving something for once!
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