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Thread: 2012 Convention Info......... The Reunion!!

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2011-09-09 00:53:11
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
If the money is right, the Subaru may have a subtle transformation . A VF and larger injectors, and a DP with tune may be in order.

still slower then a silver b14 that made me giggle like a little girl
2011-09-09 01:02:45
Originally Posted by morgans432
still slower then a silver b14 that made me giggle like a little girl

Truth, and the B14 didn't go blub blub blub... then agian it is probably faster then the red van I drove to the convention last year.

To all the people not coming, your really going to miss out.

This past convention was not only my first ever but also the first one I helped plan

Every year we will gain more momentum.
2011-09-09 01:06:44
Very true, if conventions get better and better you will see more and more turnout.

And yeah true about suby's. Sounds like an SR running on 3 cylinders. haha
2011-09-09 02:04:45
Just talked to Erick212 on the phone tonight and since I know so far ahead of time about this one I am going to do everything in my power to be there and to be in another b13 finally. Hopefully going to swing by the DEEP headquarters next weekend to put a face to all the people online as I have been out of the game for a while. Did you guys switch shops or is it the same place I went with Erick like 4 years ago or so?
2011-09-09 02:40:28
Imma do my damnedest to come out to Ohio when the convention hits. Even though I'm coming all the way from Cali
2011-09-09 04:40:55
Ashton as far as the grudges go at the drag day east coast over west coast all day !
2011-09-09 04:56:48
I dont think so. lol. You guys may have more big cars there but common how many west coast guys are crazy enough to drive across the country to go to a convention. lol. But West Coast will own this year at the drags. I will place money on that.
2011-09-09 06:45:20
Ashton, props on committing on going to the convention. But take it easy bro! The West Coast has some pretty fast b13's. But so far, you're the only one trailering a car out there from the West. I don't see anyone else doing that. I drove my ser to Omaha, tracked it, drove back. Right now, I might do the drive or will probably fly out. Either way, I'm in.
2011-09-09 07:40:21
lol, maybe because it is pretty much a full on drag car. Still capable of street use but why would i risk driving my car all the way out there when its inteded and built for drag use? lol. If i break something then what? Trailering it is the only way to go in my case or anyone else thats coming from any distance away that plans on racing their cars either on the road course or dragstrip.
2011-09-09 07:53:52
I never said anything about you driving your drag car. I just shared my experience with you.
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