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2011-08-08 04:33:53
Developed a exhaust leak on my exit out of shop to go home Grrr...Car ran great till I Started to burn my clutch because of a streched cable in New York. That stop and go traffic killed my car!! I Bearly was able to get out of traffic to let the car cool down and adjust my cable. Which by the way i didnt have a ten mm wrench and by the grace of god there was a autozone 300 yards away in the middle of the bronx lol.. After a hour of letting the car cool and a tighten cable the clutch felt a million times better lol but I was still scared to snap a cable or hit traffic. I filled up in New York and she ran great the rest of the way to Maryland... And use less then half a tank lol. Just glad to be home. It was a pleasure meeting all you guys!

I had a great time and shared many memories that I will never forget! Some of you guys really made a impact in how important it is to keep this ALIVE! Shawn B your the realest guy ever' you made a huge impact on my girl and made her realize that no matter how hard life is you can come out of hell and make it in this world if your willing to put your mind to it. Alex you bum. I need your exercise program!! viprdude Come at me BRO!! lol it was a pleasure. Chris car it was nice to meet you. Your a cool dude! Erick it was nice meeting your woman and taking us out to dinner! I ate them left overs around 4am lmao!!! Hank. Boy Hank you are something else! Your a older guy stuck in a young guys body!! Eggman I need them licens plate! Them older guys sure had fun at them go karts!! Will you soon will be back in Gainsville where they don't stop serving alchohal at 9pm lol. Black steve my NX will always look better then yours lol! Bgreen where the hell where you the entire time? Rich i just realise you was around the whole time lmao! umm whos THATDUDE! nice meeting you! White steve you have to much energy. Don't ever take your shirt off for beer pong! Stratt it was real! You called me killer all the time lol! Chip i will always think about the chin now haha! Mark Joe Jimmy and everyone who made this happen thanks a million for the experience. Jamie thanks for taking care of me and my car! The guys I shared a room with pete Cliff Nate Ameen and Najee I wouldnt want any other roomies lol. It was fun!! Tekkie don't ever skip run and yell five O and almost leave without us !! The other MD heads brandon Jeff ralphy Z thanks for coming. It was nice to see familiar faces around! Camaron lol. We had that IGNORANT people connection lmao haha!! Man so many other people that I didn't even catch there screen names that I need to mention! Kim it was nice seeing you again. Take care. Hey yo AMEED you left your pouch at the hotel. I still got it! The Albanians lol you guys are a trip' yall travle in packs!!! Y'all stay up!! If I forgot anybody feel free to add yourself in. I can't remember everyones names but I sure can put the faces to ppl now. Thanks everyone for making me and my girl feel at home for one good ass weekend!! We must do this again!
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2011-08-08 16:36:04
Is this your acceptance speech or something? LOL

There's a lot of Sentra owners named Steve!
2011-08-08 16:53:48
no no theres white steve black steve and super black steve lmao remember?
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2011-08-08 16:55:22
is that in english? i thought my english was bad.
2011-08-08 16:56:51
apparently i was "Just Steve"
2011-08-08 16:58:29
sometimes i wish we could delete useless comments like keos from your own thread.......
2011-08-08 16:59:17
Originally Posted by jen36
sometimes i wish we could delete useless comments like keos from your own thread.......

everyone on the forum feels that way

join the club!
2011-08-08 17:02:10
Originally Posted by enohand
apparently i was "Just Steve"

well somebody has to be regular steve lol
2011-08-08 17:02:23
Originally Posted by jen36
no no theres white steve black steve and superblackz steve lmao remember?

Originally Posted by enohand
apparently i was "Just Steve"

See, then I think there was one more...
2011-08-08 17:03:46
lol keo your a trip. im gonna be heading that way one of these days to pick up thoes parts...
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