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Thread: T-Shirts for 2011 Nat'l Convention

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2011-07-30 03:06:57
Order shipped, yesss.

Thank you for the shirts, very nice of you.
2011-07-30 15:09:53
Originally Posted by eggman
I am bringing some frames up if thats what you mean

That's what I meant
2011-07-30 15:12:33
Just ordered my shirts.
2011-07-30 18:36:24
Got a shirt and mug.

Kinda interesting scenario to share with you.
It all started when Happynole posted a discount code on FB and it would not work.It was the 65 min purchase and you get 25% off one,so I got a few other items and got the total up to 70.When I put the code in it said it was not valid with my items.
I also found another code online for 20% off that would not work either.
So I just gave up,ordered 1 shirt and one mug and placed my order anyway.

Heres where it got interesting...
So then when I went to checkout,a popup asks me to share on FB and I will get 25% off and my FB friends can get the same deal like Happynole shared.(min 65 purchase one from above that I tried and did not work)
I am like" fuck that,that coupon is bogus" and decline.
So my order is 22.98 for the mug and shirt and the standard shipping is 5.75.So thats 28.73.OK thats fine,cool......BUT.....According to the shipping estimates,I wont get it before I leave for the Convention......If I want it in time it is 15.00 shipping,LAME!!
That would be 37.98 for a shirt and mug....no thanks.I just ordered with the cheap shipping and was gonna pray it showed up in time,but prepared for the worst.

So for the hell of it,I called customer service and told the guy basically what I just explained about the coupon not working and not getting the shirt in time for my event.
To my surprise,he immediately removed all my shipping and upgraded it to be here on 8/3 for free!
Now my total was back to 22.98 and I got free 3 day shipping,too.
Its not about the money,its about customer service...PROPS TO Cafepress.
After all was said and done,I will have my shirt in time and not have to pay rediculous shipping on it.

On another note.Thanks llprad for making these and using my pic,lol.

Maybe you will find this interesting,maybe not.Either way,I am gonna share this here anyway..LOL
The VE valve cover in that pic you used is now in the hands of a douchebag thief somewhere who stole that VE NX from me back in 09.
Its kinda eerie to me since the same pic was on the cover of the 2010 calendar too.
So this shirt kinda pays homage to the car for me....as weird as that may sound.
I never really posted any details here about it until recently since there was an investigation ongoing.
Ultimately the NX was stripped of engine,drivetrain,and wheels before being burned to the ground.The investigator did find my header on a forum members car a few weeks later,so I got that back.However he said he got it off craigslist,threw out a couple local forum members names probably to get them off his trail..blah,blah,and nothing could really ever be proven,other than that was my ASP header on his car(which he had already been to the dyno with,too).
I will say its pretty awkward standing there handing a guy wrenches to remove my stolen header off his car while a LEO watches.

So,I have actually been "eggless"man for a couple years now,I should change my screen name.LOL

Sorry for the rant.....See you all in CT.
RIP NX....some of you will remember the build thread.I deleted all the pics after she was stolen.

Last edited by eggman on 2011-07-30 at 18-49-33.
2011-07-31 13:27:04
Originally Posted by llaprad1
*Marketing Whore Alert!*

Also check out other stuff I have on there, like this:

Plus I'm going to see if any other products could use the Convention art on it..any requests?

(*** Quality disclaimer: I have never ordered one of their license plate frames, so I have no idea on the quality. I will know soon enough!)

I must get this.
2011-07-31 16:52:30
Can someone order me two shirts???? I would like to wear one out there and I'm sure with all the antics and alky it will have food and unknown juices on it. I will send you paypal??!?!?!

It won't get to Ohio in time cause I'm leaving on Thurs.
2011-08-01 20:36:19
Got our shirts today!! Pics later
2011-08-01 20:52:37
Got my shirt too!!!
2011-08-02 18:41:12
I will keep the price of the value shirt at $10 until a week after the Convention. That gives time for people who come back from the convention and decide they want a shirt, to get it cheap.

Also if you're not going but want a shirt, now's the time to buy. I have not marked up the shirt beyond Cafepress's baseline, so I'm not making money on these. $10 is cheap. (even thought the shipping sux)

After the convention, colored shirts will be available in blue, gray, black, red and yellow. And on August 15, prices on the Convention value shirt will go up.
2011-08-03 02:51:21
I got my shirt today, thank you, sir. It is fantastic. I will order more when I get back from the convention in some other colors.
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