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Thread: The NEW OFFICIAL SR2011 Convention

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2011-06-04 01:52:39
I am working with Louis on a design for the tshirts, once we finalize the concept shirts will be available on Louis site at Cafe Press:
L.LaPrad Cargo : L.LaPrad Cargo: Custom Shirts and Whatnot

This is the easiest and fastest way to pull this off.
2011-06-04 02:03:17
This is blowing my mind

I was born in CT and have family in that area.
I used to go to Hubbard park when I was kid in the early 70s...
I lived off a road named Sylvan (sp.?)Avenue in Meriden way back then.
My parents graduated from Southington Highschool,and lived in Southington,too.In fact my Grandparents house in Southington is still in our family ...my great uncle has it now.

Apple Harvest Festival,FTW

I am gonna try to see if I can fly up and get a rental.My GF and I were gonna make the convention our little mini-getaway vacation.
She is actually interested in seeing some american history,and has never been to the New England Area.
This is a great way to kill 2 birds...
I will get to see the sr20 gang...and we both get to be tourists for a change.

She is not a car girl,but shes willing to come along anyway.She knows this is my hobby,and how badly I wanted to go to the convention,so we are gonna make a vacation out of it.
Any suggestions for non-sr20 activities while we are there would be awesome,too!
2011-06-04 03:22:41
Pass on the Saturday drag racing and take a day trip via the train to NYC or Boston
2011-06-04 03:41:33
oops doublepost
2011-06-04 03:43:16
Originally Posted by happynole
Pass on the Saturday drag racing and take a day trip via the train to NYC or Boston

Yeah,I am thinking that saturday will be our day for Sightseeing,as I am more interested in Friday and Sundays activities.

Is your Wife going,Joe?
I would love to get Kimme to give my GF a ride around the autocross course...maybe a girl driving would make her feel more secure,and I am gonna have a rental
2011-06-04 03:44:06
Im in there. Very impressed with you deep guys.

2011-06-04 03:47:07
Are you kidding? Kimme loves showing off her mad skillz
2011-06-04 10:53:36
Goes without saying that I will be present . Depending on when everyone else from Mid-A can caravan up, I'll head up in the morning. I should be at your house by 8am to wake ur snoring ass up!
2011-06-04 12:11:22
Originally Posted by kieranlavin
put me down

Kieron...are you still going to the NASA event? If I bail at this point, does that put you in a bad spot?

I'm trying to figure out how I can do both things without spending my entire weekend driving to and from events. If everyone else is not going to NJ, I guess I'll just follow suit.
2011-06-04 12:12:46
Originally Posted by happynole
are you kidding? Kimme loves showing off her mad skillz

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