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Thread: Problem with lights when on the brake pedal

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2016-07-03 01:50:14
Problem with lights when on the brake pedal
Ok guys, I haven't posted in a LONG time! Rarely drive my B14 anymore! So I get it out last night, wash it and get ready to go drive. Then I notice the brake lights are on. No biggie, I fixed that part. The bump stop had crumbled on the brake pedal for the switch. And what I'm about to mention I have noticed for a while. I know over a year. The last time the other brake pedal bump stop crumbled. I then fixed it. AFTER THAT... I noticed this, which maybe two different things.
1. The ABS light flashes! Does something need to be reset from replacing the bump stop? Is it a reaction from the bump stop crumbling?

2. When I press the brake pedal the parking lights come on and the dash lights. When the car is running or not this happens. When its off and I press the pedal the buzzer also sounds. The rear outer lights also come on but brighter than they should be along with the center brake light on the wing. The wing looks like its in parking light mode! When I press the pedal they get only a little bit brighter. I know that isn't right! The center rear lights. The ones in the trunk part are not working at all.

Any suggestions on what could be going on? I figure a relay maybe. My interior dimmer light is screwy. Could have something to do with it. I checked all the fuses.

Just at a loss and wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. In the meantime I'll keep searching!

2016-07-03 03:31:49
Do your reverse lights stay on when the motor is running and the headlights are on as well?

I have no idea about the rest of this - but I can tell you that in both the B13 and B14, I've found that the interior dome light often has A LOT to do with other electronics in the car. Not the bulb itself, the connection. The fact that you said the dome light acts screwy doesn't surprise me.
2016-07-03 15:41:50
Could be the dimmer switch... it can cause screwy things ...although I'd recommend trying to find an OEM one in a junkyard over a cheap Chinese version from RockAuto
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2016-07-03 18:35:31
Yeah the dimmer is acting screwy! Not the dome light! It has a short in it I know for a fact! I now when things like that happen it causes issues! It was like that in my 94 hardbody. The dash lights quit and I replaced the turn signal/headlight on/off stick and that fixed it! I've been keeping a look out on eBay!
2016-07-03 21:08:04
Have you checked the brake fluid level to see if it is low? Might account for the brake lights on the dash. Dimmer switch could explain the dome light. I'm thinking you also have a short in the brake wiring, melted connector, bad relay, frayed wires.

You've definitely got multiple issues from how you've described the symptoms and when they came about.

If the bump stop was bad for a while the tail light connectors may be melted from the extra heat/current. Check those after topping off the brake fluid.
2016-07-05 13:37:11
One of your brake lamp bulbs or sockets is shorted to the parking lamp/tail lamp circuit.
Unplug your rear combo lamps one at a time to begin isolating the short.
2016-07-19 03:12:54
Figured out the ABS light and some newer parts coming this week. Will see how all that goes and give an update then! Thanks for the input so far!!
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