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Thread: Post Your B14 Pictures (Not So Silent)

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2012-01-29 14:08:18
I really wish one of them would send me over a nismo lip for my lucino bumper, and the one for the rear bumper too.
2012-02-02 16:04:45
2012-02-02 20:35:38
What is up with the yellow trunk?
2012-02-02 21:47:59

Finally acquired some parts I have been seeking and installed them on the car.
Finally some updates and some progress. Been a while


Well the list of newly acquired parts..

- Ksport full body coilovers, camber plates (the orange ones not black)
- COMPLTELY Carbon fiber OEM style hood not metal
- Stillen popcharger with K&N 6" filter and some short ram piping
- NX2K transmission hand rebuilt with all new parts by a Nissan tech
- Brand new set of NX2K axles double booted with extra long boot so no tears from lowering.
- Real B&M Short throw shifter setup
- COMPTEC rear swaybar (BEEFY!)
- SE-L wheels (3 need one more)
- NX2K Radiator
- Brand new rear hubs with newer calipers and rotors aswell as newer front hubs with calipers and rotors.
- 3" exhaust (not on yet)
- New strut tower bar
- Got some new body parts and random interior parts that will go on right before she goes off to the paint shop.
- Made a new front lip.
- probably a few others too..

On with a few crapp pics!

Ok now this carbon fiber hood was COMPLETELY destroyed when I got it! it was faded and peeling and on top of that the last owner sprayed rattle can clearcoat on it without any prep or any work after. This hoo almost looked primer gray! (below is after i fixed it)

Once I got it I wetsanded it down with 400 grit, washed it, sprayed a full can of rust oleum uv protectant clear, wetsanded that with 2000 grit, washed it, applied a whole can of clear again, wetsanded with 2000 grit, washed it and buffed it and this was the result..

(whatsup eggman)

Ksports almost all the way up

Dirty as hell engine bay

OK so can anyone tell me what brand this carbon fiber hood is??


The badge on the right says: WSCF 9502D
2012-02-02 21:59:03
Originally Posted by danfiveten
Got the stillen cluster in today. With its led's, damn it looks good.

Where can one acquire these gauge faces? My buddy found some on ebay way back when that are white and say "SE-R" in the background, if anyone knows where I can get either of them please let me know! That thing is fresh to death! LOVE the faces behind the climate control's too!
2012-02-02 22:13:29
Problem is the "se-r"ones light up different with ballast, their just covers. that slip over the gauges.

Secound pic shows a lil damage to mine, its a tiny looking creese in the gauge. Willing to let this go for the right price, if you got ballast and a control you could have these light up again.
2012-02-02 22:14:56
What kind of ballast? Are you selling just the gauge faces or the entire cluster?
2012-02-02 22:23:05
Entire cluster. I dont dare take them off again. Not sure the ballast. But you could probally` get them with newer el glow gauges off ebay or something?
2012-02-08 23:08:39
1997 Nissan 200sx Se-R
I've had her since 1999 just got some new paint. Working on my Project.

2012-02-10 03:49:45
Originally Posted by Nismo1usa
I've had her since 1999 just got some new paint. Working on my Project.

Damn... How much did that paint job cost you? That thing is CLEAN!
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