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Thread: Post Your B14 Pictures (Not So Silent)

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2011-03-12 09:10:37
Originally Posted by s132nr
lol thanks alot man. Its crazy because ive tried to sell the car to get a s2000 which is my favorite car but everytime i get close, i turn around and look at it again and say this is my only car ive had since i was 16, its always the only one at most shows and its a great car. Yea ive had problems down the road which come and go with any car but im honestly to attached to the car and my motivation being i never really see any hooked up in florida or around where i live so it makes me what to take it one step further every time. And i get alot of my inspiration from the postive feeback i get from you guys. yea the car has rust and dings and dents. No its not a perfect car by any means. Yes it has 230,00 miles on original paint which ppl cannot belive when they look at the car but all in all alot of my thanks go to you guys who have stuck by me since day one when this car was a rice bucket, lol remember this picture


Bro where did you get those headlights and front lip, im look for that for my 200sx, thanks
2011-03-12 15:20:01

2011-03-12 18:04:15
I wish we could ban camera phone pics.
2011-03-12 18:05:42
Yeah that was a camera phone pic. From a crappy camera phone. Sorry
2011-03-12 20:04:20
all the pics i post are camera pics..
2011-03-12 20:06:14
Woot® : One Day, One Deal?

For the next 11 hours, $50. Casio 12.1 megapixel camera. Way better than your cell phone camera.
2011-03-12 20:22:38
my phones so much easier! i can upload pics right thru my photobucket app, and right to facebook, etc!
2011-03-12 20:52:43
Upload shitty pictures.

I guess that really is cool?

And Fuck facebook.
2011-03-12 21:04:46
my pics really arent that bad..lol
2011-03-12 21:08:29
They bad.
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