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Thread: Post Your B14 Pictures (Not So Silent)

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2010-10-16 19:43:38
reading the last few pages i think its funny as hell. if someone wants to chop up his bumper for a intercooler thats cool. its his car his bumper his problem. i dont think it looks bad but its not ur car to go off and HATE. if u dont think u r then read ur post. ive seen pictures of things done of the forum that i wouldnt do to my car but its not my car and i keep it to myself. if u have something negitive to say about someone of there car keep it between ur ears cause more then likely it will be useless info and a waste of space on the forum.
2010-10-16 23:49:46
I think chapnutz car is clean. His front modified bumper also has clean cuts to it. The paint and body looks clean. The headlights are corners look clean and new. It's his style and overall every thing looks clean and flows well. So the meaning of clean to me has nothing to do with stock or modified. If what ever the style is aslong as its done right and flows well. that's the meaning of clean. I've seen cars posted up before full of dents/dings/rust/faded stock paints/faded lights/half as paint and body/missmatching panels and owners think or try to convince people that there cars car clean. That is not clean. Chaps car doesn't fall under that category. Stink turbo has a sick clean b13 and mane730 as well with the b14. The styles are clean. They are done right and flow well. That's clean.
2010-10-18 03:44:22
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2010-10-27 03:12:21
2010-11-02 21:47:40
just scrubby clean

isnt it pritty
2010-11-03 01:42:24
^where did u get that front end D-unit?^
2010-11-03 04:49:25
crappy cellphone pic

with my new shoes enkei rp01

2010-11-03 10:34:12
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
just scrubby clean

isnt it pritty

I see nothing
2010-11-04 19:07:20
baby got new shoes now all i need to do is pop her cherry
2010-11-04 19:24:34
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