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Thread: Post Your B14 Pictures (Not So Silent)

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2011-12-28 18:06:40
Originally Posted by V1rg1n1azf1nest
Jdm front with stillen lip Mark...

No offense of course, and this may be asking too much, but if someone was really bored, they should count how many times the same topics have been covered in this thread...

No offense taken: but it still kinda doesn't answer my question. I know what it is I just don't know where to get it. Im new to the jdm scene and I'd like to know more about it. I'm researching for my p11 as well, it's kinda fun lol
2011-12-28 18:47:54
Lol...goin Primera parts for the P11? Your best bet for the B14 is to contact one of those guys in the Phillippines in my opinion. They probably have those bumpers in junkyards. You should ask about those lips too. The one on the nismo sentra and the one most of them have on the 4 fog are both sick.
2011-12-29 01:19:02
Primera TE-V P11 looks sexy.
2011-12-29 04:57:32
Originally Posted by eggman
That is hands down the sexiest front end I have ever seen on a B14.

Wait til you see mine......... I will have the sickest front.
2012-01-04 23:49:58
Found an old pic of my VE'd B14 before i boosted it and blew it up . Man i want another one .

With my volk ce28n's 16x7 1/2 . Sexy !

From this ..

To this ..

The end ! It rests in the hands of "sr20jet" .
2012-01-05 01:55:40
LOL Keith. It's in good hands, just wait for the end result.
2012-01-05 03:01:36
Patiently waiting,can't wait to see it finished.
2012-01-05 03:45:07
Creepy beam..... heh. I almost bought it about 28 times.
2012-01-05 03:58:01
You should'a bought it ....no wait THATDUDE bought it ....no wait sr20jet bought it ...geez i lost count .

Hey josh is selling his roller swapped 95ser he just wants it gone if you want a beater to drive . Offer him $1200 i bet he bites .
2012-01-05 04:20:28
Originally Posted by THATDUDE
Patiently waiting,can't wait to see it finished.

For some reason I thought this was the b14 totalled in your front yard.

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