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Thread: Operation B14 Look Tight continues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (updated)

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2008-06-23 00:32:24
im sure he is but he told me 4 to 6 days ... then that i waited 10 days ... then on the tenth day he told me again 4 or 6 days after he said i should be getting them on friday or saturday lol i had to wait like 5 days after that ... im not trying to dog him ... im just saying how my experience was with him
2008-06-25 14:55:59
Now all you need is a Sunny bumper and stillen lip!

Wish my CF hood looked as HAWT as yours! I think I may get rid of mine and get another one in the future, but one that has silver weave in it.
2008-06-26 01:32:12
thats definately my next move ... need to get rid of that stock bumber lol ... ive been looking at the n14 front bumper but it needs a lip i think cause to me the bumper doesnt extend that low ... what year sunny bumper where u talkin about ?
2008-06-26 02:33:06
Tekki, I will take your CF Hood lol.
2008-06-26 02:38:15
clean 200, you live in a very familiar spot in houston, it almost looks like an area that i was looking at renting a house when i lived there. Anyways keep up the good work on the car.
2008-06-26 02:54:14
thanks man ... just stay on the north side lol the area i live is pretty much 0 crime ... have left the garage open a few times over night and nother was missing ... rent is pretty cheap too ... living with my mom and her man now but going to buy a house in about 6 to 8 months ... houses r cheap as hell over here ... thats y i made the move to texas from miami
2008-07-02 14:07:05
power level
Your out of here
2008-07-02 14:26:23
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
sooner or later everyones silver 200 will look like mine

Yeah, I'm fairly sure others have done it. :::cough, cough::: my ride about 7 years ago :::cough, cough:::

To the original poster, car looks good. Reminds me a lot of my old 200

2008-07-02 14:41:35
^^^^ That looks bad ass!
2008-07-02 18:02:30
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