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Thread: EGR system

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2014-08-27 03:39:19
EGR system
Hi guys, been a while since I've posted on the forum, I have a question that hopefully someone can answer or direct me in the right direction. I usually do everything via the the FSM, however the only page, unless someone can direct me to a better section, I have been able to find containing the EVAP canister is EC-15. I thought I was particularly good at navigating and finding the information in the FSM, however I am unable to find out where all the ports connect to on the EVAP canister. If anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated.
2014-08-27 04:03:04
Timely post...I removed the canister from my turbo car so I cannot use it as a reference and need to figure out the vacuum lines in a NA car. I just printed out this very page of the fsm thinking it would be the guide when I tackle the project. subscribing

http://jgycustoms.com/images/bluebirdvac.jpg Maybe this port?
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2014-08-27 04:08:42
For the purposes of showing that I have indeed used the search function on this site, there is this section posted under general maintenance, http://www.sr20-forum.com/general-maintenance/24765-egr-delete-information.htm, where the OP goes over deleting, rerouting, etc of the EGR system, however more pictures would be greatly appreciated in this case.
2014-08-27 04:11:07
http://jgycustoms.com/images/bluebirdvac.jpg Maybe this port?
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