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Thread: Trying to Switch fuel fill up line from 95 to 98 but the are different

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2014-03-03 00:09:18
Trying to Switch fuel fill up line from 95 to 98 but the are different
The 98 has several smaller fuel lines coming off it that go to a box sitting under the LR of the chassis to the rear of the tire. The fuel tank appears to have extra hoses coming out of it also. My other 2 cars a 95 and 96 do not have this. What is it and can I eliminate it? Or will I just have to find a similar one off another 98?
2014-03-03 05:35:10
Are you talking about the carbon canister or do you have a picture? If so, I have removed the carbon canister with no ill effects but some say its not a good idea.
2014-03-03 06:37:33
Yeah I looked that up it must be what it is. I was replacing it because the tube you put the fuel in has rusted and you cannot add fuel to the car without it spraying on the ground while you a fueling it. After inspcecting it and finding the holes right at the bend behind the tire, I am going to try cutting it and replacing it with some hose in that section. The 2 smaller lines coming off the big one also were rusted through, car was on the coast when I bought it. I'll try and post some pics tomorrow when I tear into it again. If I end up removing the cannister, do I just block all the extra lines? and What kind of ill-effects can you expect? We don't have to pass inspection around here.
2014-03-03 06:39:24
98/99 have extra emissions crap than the 95-97 including the EVAP charcoal canister you are describing near the fuel tank. It's there so hydrocarbons (fuel vapors) is not released into the atmosphere.
2014-03-03 13:00:09
sounds like some weight reduction is in order here.
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