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Thread: Anyone else experieced this???

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2014-02-17 23:56:38
Anyone else experieced this???
This has to do with the blower motor for the hvac. Every now and then, while the fan setting is on 4, it will drop down to a 1 or 2 when accelerating and go back up to 4 when I let off the gas. Not sure why this happens as the blower motor is independent of the engine other than for getting power. The only conclusion I can come up with is for some reason the blower motor isn't getting required voltage when this is happening. My dash lights or head lights do not dimm when this happens. Or the blower motor resistor is going bad. Has anyone else experienced this?
2014-02-18 02:14:26
strange, could just be something is vibrating in the switch at WOT
2014-02-19 21:06:53
I would check your alternators output through the rev range. I may also look into the plug and coil wires as I hear they can "leak EMI" which can cause funny things. Not too sure about the last one but I would look for S's&G's
2014-02-20 04:18:35
The blower resistor doesn't go bad, it either works or it doesn't..

Now when you say it does it when you're accelerating, do you mean regular driving are you referring to WOT toward redline?
2014-02-22 12:30:48
I don't take this thing above 4K RPM, I don't think I have ever red lined it. I found the problem, the other day on my way to work I got the infamous Brake/Battery light flash. When I went to leave work it didn't start. The battery was only reading 10.3V so I put in a new battery and an alternator and now everything is back to normal. Thanks for all the input.
2014-02-22 18:17:35
Ha! Step 1 of troubleshooting; work from the simplist to the most complex. Step 2; Extract circuit starting at the battery... should have remembered and suggested as much... Glad its working again.
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