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Thread: Exhaust idea

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2013-12-04 04:00:54
Ok thanks everyone for the comments and ideas! I have a new computer now so I should be able to respond more quickly.

I did want the dual tips for the looks as well as the sound, I drive on the left in the UK so going through a tunnel will be louder with dual exhaust and yes I am 29yrs old going on 5

However since the expense, weight and time investment in this do not really justify the end product I have since had a different idea...

There is a company in Aussie land that make a muffler with a built in cutout. Its called the X-Force Varex Muffler its about $400 plus shipping. I think that if I use this along with the two Vibrant resonator setup from the MotoiQ write up it should be quiet enough for me. If not, Ill figure something else out.

Doing all these crazy bends and all that would be cool if I had the time, money and skill. Since I don't and need to concentrate on a 6 speed swap so I can enjoy my car for more than 400 miles at a time, I am taking a route that makes a bit more sense.

If you have some ideas though please let me know!
2013-12-04 04:02:01
Originally Posted by LAM-PARK
Originally Posted by Tubtub

Ive seen these online dunno how good they are

BMW and others use this type of setup in their stock exhaust - makes for a quiet idle and helps to regulate back pressure.

I might look into that too thanks!
2013-12-04 04:05:50
Originally Posted by eggman
If you decide to do a dual exhaust setup,I would recommened getting rid of the 98 rear bumper,too.
The 95-97 rear has two spots for tips molded on it.
I always thought it looked funny with a tip on one side,and still a vacant cutout on the other side like they came with from the factory....wheras the 98 was (correct) for single exhaust tip.

Yea I was going to use the extra bumper I had to make another cutout and then use the rear valence form an Almera GTi to help hide it and make it look stock. But thats too many milligrams of ritalin...
2013-12-04 04:09:35
Originally Posted by root
Seems like a lot of work and $$ IMO.. but that's just me.

I have a QTP cutout on my car. It's just the Y pipe that sits before my cat and dumps out. I'm not sure how well that would work having it automatically open at WOT, considering the butterfly valve takes about 5 seconds to fully open or close. Mine was just wired up to a switch so I could just open/close it manually when I wanted.

Also, I have replaced the motor that controls the valve twice because it's just died. Currently, I've decided not to replace the motor again and just have a block off plate with wing nuts installed on the opening.

IMHO I think its burning up because the motor is getting over heated. The Cat get super hot and especially before it where the pressure and temp is greater it may be burning it out prematurely. Just my .02, we have to do mods to some of our stock generator equipment because they put the ECUs too close to the exhaust, on top of being an ambient temp of 140 degrees doesn't help.
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