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Thread: sr20ve swap

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2013-08-04 04:57:25
sr20ve swap
Who here has swapped a sr20ve into their b14? I will be doing this swap and have a few questions. Anyone?
2013-08-04 17:13:53
A lot of guys do. What's your question?
2013-08-04 19:28:08
If its a simple swap just dropping the VE you can keep stock MAF & ECU and stock/DE Dizzy. If you keeping the DE dizzy the bottom leg needs cutting off to not foul on the VE head. Here is link on a full VE swap:how i swapped my ve into my 93 se-rThen all left to do is wire up the window switch.Here is a link:how wire up your msd rpm activated switch your vvl.html. Also the heater hose hose remember vvl and your IACV plugs how reroute your iacv plugs replace plug vvl swap

If using a VE dizzy here is a link how wire ve distributor b13 b14 engine harness

All info found in the manifesto just in case links don't work

If you doing same swap but using different MAF you got to 1.wire it up 2.use a chipped ecu tuned for that MAF or a piggyback to do a a tune in the A/F ratios(Im not 100% sure but I believe a SAFC can do it) and you done then you can get fancy lol
2013-08-04 20:58:24
I've done a lot of searching and reading. Basically the only question I had was about using a stock b14 de ecu and if it could be done without causing harm to the engine. I have read that the ve injectors are larger than the de and using the stock de ecu will cause it to run rich or lean. I have also read that you wont get full performance from the ve by using a de ecu. I also need a de transmission if anyone is selling one or know of someone who is.
2013-08-04 21:31:05
If you don't want to change injectors and maf to the DE ones, and also want something to change to hi-cams, and also want something so you can further tune those a/f ratios, consider Nismotronic SA. Plenty of backup at your backdoor.
2013-08-05 00:25:10
Like i had said above you can run the car is going to be fine just adjust your timing and use a SAFC to tune the A/F and 2.5 straight tru it will run really well then later with cams and different MAF and tuned ecu and 3" straight tru
2013-08-05 02:34:17
You can run stock de maf and ecu on ve. I would switch to de injectors to match ecu specs. Did this with a B14 sentra swapped VE before switching over to a Calumsult ecu. Only downside to this is max revs, won't be able to push it over 8k without a tuned ecu. And of course, you will need to wire window switch to activate cams.
2013-08-05 03:50:16
I will probably never take it over 6k rpm. It is my daily driver. I am planning on getting a MSD 8969 for the cams. So I should use the de maf and injectors if I will be using a stock de ecu?
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