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Thread: Electrical gremlins- ran fine- died and now click....

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2013-05-20 18:55:30
Electrical gremlins- ran fine- died and now click....
I have never used a reddi sleeve on an sr, but tinkem makes good seals. However, if you want to use an oem rear main seal, I have a spare I can sell you. Pm me and I can get it sent out to you.
2013-05-23 13:03:18
Any update on this?
2013-05-23 15:58:15
Havnt had a chance to spend much time in the shop. I should have a chance to tear into it this weekend.
2013-11-22 13:05:47
So i ended up pulling the transmission back out to address the rear main seal issue. Installed a microsleeve and an OEM seal and that problem is fixed. Now the car is back on the road but leaks gear oil... from the bellhousing... ive checked and its not from the pass. side axle seal so im guessing its the input shaft seal. Ive also got some gnarly chatter coming from the trans. I am not sure if its the exedy TOB (non OEM) i put in when i replaced the clutch or if i am also suffering from a bad input bearing which would coincide with the leaking seal. The noise (chatter) goes away with the clutch engaged and is less noisy if i ease off the pedal gently. Its louder when the engine is under heavy load (uphill or hard accel etc). I did replace the TOB retainer clips when i replaced it.
For the time being i am driving it and continually stripping the interior. Down to a bare dash and a driver seat!
I know that driving it is a gamble but i dont have the resources to pull the gearbox again as my garage is being used for storage of my brothers things while he finds an apartment. The engine has at least 210k miles on it so im planning on running the engine/trandmission until one of them fails and i can justify replacing both. Does anyone know where i can source a new or rebuilt trans from? Will be looking for a new or rebuilt long block as well. I have been trolling ebay but those are predominantly the "jdm" swappers which ive heard mixed reviews of.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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