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Thread: 97 SE-R P0325 & P0136 Help!

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2012-11-19 18:50:41
97 SE-R P0325 & P0136 Help!
Car is getting a P0325 and P0136. Bought a rear o2 sensor and went to replace it today only to discover it's not there. Bought the car with aftermarket 2.5" exhaust already installed. It is running a cat, but the bung where the rear o2 sensor would be installed is capped. What the hell??? There is no wiring hanging down there where the o2 sensor would plug in, is it safe to assume the previous owner removed the rear o2 wiring? If so, how and the hell will I fix the p0136 code? The front o2 sensor is installed into an aftermarket header.
The P0325 is knock sensor, where the heck is that located and could that be related to the P0136?

Anyone want to buy a 1997 SE-R with 141,000 miles?
2012-11-19 20:39:38
Ok, after finding a picture someone else posted on here, I've now found the connector for the rear o2 sensor. It comes out from under the drivers seat. The connection is a long way from where I would have to plug in the o2 sensor though, I would have to run a long wire up to where the o2 sensor would thread into the bung, which is in front of the aftermarket convertor.
I guess I'll see if I can either buy a long extension or an o2 elimitator connector, I think Jegs sells them, I'll have to see if they make one for my type of connector?
On the search.
The P0325 could be as simple as changing the spark plugs....I guess I need to do that anyway.
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