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Thread: wrecked

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2012-08-12 22:31:56
So the se-r is wrecked. They are saying it was my fault. I was pulling out of a parking lot into direction of traffic and the 2012 Malibu was pulling into the same lane from the opposite side of the road, I did not see him coming nor stop in the center lane and I nailed his front passenger side. The front wheel of his car was bent inso I assume it is totalled. Better yet I just found out my dad is 12 days late on his insurance (I'm insured in his policy) so I may not be covered. Both of us are OK, his car had to be towed and I drove mine home. Pics later.
2012-08-12 22:49:55

2012-08-13 00:04:13
Part out coming soon so let me know what's needed. Don't have PayPal though so local preferred but can work with people about shipping parts. Details coming soon but most exterior body parts are not worth using.
2012-08-13 00:37:18
that definatly sucks, glad you are ok. the malibu is far from totaled. your ride looks fixable...
2012-08-13 00:45:01
What scares me into thinking the Malibu is totalled is that the wheel was bent at a 44* angle, and was locked up, it had to be drug onto a flatbed since when he tried to move it it just made a lopy sound and wouldn't move. It is brand new and he said he just got it after his truck was totalled in the exact same spot. You can see the parts on the ground where I hit him, about 10 feet behind him. I stopped dead in my tracks and he kept sliding forward so I think he tried to gun it from the other side of the road and pulled into the left half of the divider where I was headed instead of the right side where he should have been. I am going to fight it in court because I don't think it was my fault especially after looking back at the pictures.
2012-08-13 00:45:38
And my car is a rusty mess. Its not worth fixing anymore.
2012-08-13 00:51:03
Damn, that sucks. Sorry bro.
2012-08-13 01:44:17
It might be.if the cars chassis has been slightly bent its as good as scrap.I'm glad you're ok.her body might be gone but her internal May live on.find.d a roller and bring her back to life.
2012-08-13 01:52:02
sorry to see. One of those fucking malibus is what wrecked my b14. I ended up getting a job and fixing it to look better than it ever had from the accident. Hopefully there is a silver lining for you as well.
2012-08-13 02:18:20
As long as things work out with the insurance all will be OK. I'm stressing over whether or not I'll be covered more than my car. I honestly don't care that my car got wrecked. I was going to part it soon and retire the shell anyways. The car still drives fine so all seems to be cosmetic there. I'm about to part the whole thing, unless someone wants to buy the whole thing for a beater and slap the bumper back on and bent the crease in the hood flat. All it really needs to be drivable again is a corner light. The bumper is still in tact with a lil crack in it, its in the back seat. The passenger fender was bent and the hood was bent but not much. $650 gets a running driving ugly beater. Rims probably won't be included in that as I've already had dibs called locally so I'll have to find some steelies.
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