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Thread: Problem I need help solving ( Thanks in advance)

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2012-08-06 16:52:32
Problem I need help solving ( Thanks in advance)
I posted this in my members section also, but I'll post it here too to get more replies.
Last night I was on the freeway going about 75, when my car just started loosing power. I thought maybe I had 5th gear pop out but that wasn't the case. The accelerator wasn't doing anything, so I get off the freeway and when I come to a stop and put it in neutral, the idle is jumping from 1100 to 300, almost stalling. So I get home, had to run a few stop signs, because I cant let the car come to a complete stop otherwise the car feels like its going to stall, and I can't go past 3000 RPM's or the car starts shaking. I finally get home and the idle evens out, but when I gas it I can notice that it's not getting any power past 3000 RPM's. Does anyone know what these symptoms mean? It sucks cause I'm coming up on smog and my car isn't drivable at this point now. Thanks for any replies in advance.
I got one reply that it might be the MAF, and my step dad said it might be the spark plugs, the wires, or the distributor, so I have something to work with, but any recommendations will work. Thank you!
2012-08-06 18:34:25
check your MAF, usually when these cars will only rev to about 3k its a MAF issue. have u dont any recent maintenance?
2012-08-06 18:44:38
What kind of maintenance? 1000 miles ago I did an oil change, front and rear o2 sensor change, coolant sensor change and basic tire rotation. I haven't checked the tps in a while, or cleaned the tb in a while
2012-08-06 23:45:47
Solved, thanks.
2012-08-06 23:52:25
Issac post what the solution was so if anyone ever has a similar problem and searches the thread they can see your solution buddy
2012-08-07 01:22:15
Good thinking. It was the maf, I never realized the hack job that was hidden under the plastic protecting the wires. One of the wires at the solder point came undone. I ended up going to the junk yard and picked up the wire harness and wired and soldered the new connector on. Car is back to it's normal running condition now. Picked up a G20t black leather armrest at the junk yard too, 7 bucks, so ended up not being such a bad day. I'll post pictures in my members section.
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