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Thread: So what if i can get you guys these jdm parts?

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2012-06-28 07:34:25
This guys in new zealand not japan, so hes got a few other shipping options available to him over there that hes finding about and they get alot of the jdm cars over there, so were trying to find out about how to ship some of this stuff. As long as i get one bumper, i dont mind just doing small stuff
2012-06-28 07:55:53
New Zealand, Japan, heck it can be Malaysia too....doesn't matter cost of shipping things isn't cheap. Luckily for me, my broker in Japan owns a warehouse here and a shipping container that he's able to fill with parts, but due to cost and weak Japan/US exchange rate, he only does this 2-3 year. And before anyone ask, he mainly deals with S-chassis, ae85's and Evo parts. Just asking him to find me parts for the B14 isn't easy since it's not his main expertise.

So far on this forum, I've sold an N15 bumper and fenders, all fairly priced. And you Dan bought the Nismo grille from me, which was a steal of a price considering how great of condition it was in.
2012-06-29 00:55:39
Sick dude deff keep up the work and like I said I'd grab a card holder bezel ad prob more
2012-06-29 23:59:24
Are we talking JDM power folding mirrors with the JDM folding switch? If so, I'd definitely be interested. Along with the Lucino grill and possibly the headlights. And maybe the 4 fog bumper too. I want everything JDM ever.
2012-06-30 00:10:50
Interested in bumpers with some tight lips..jdm yo
2012-06-30 00:15:13
Hes going to look at the yard next time he goes and take pics for me so i can confirm that stuff is what we are lookin for. They also have the b14's with the rear window wipers...thinking i may import a rear window and switch, always wanted to do that and be different.
2012-06-30 00:19:47
See if we can get a deal on the window wings, since thats where they are. I want one, but with shipping its 210 last timei checked with only 10 in stock.
2012-06-30 00:26:55
Everything he gets will be from the junk yard, so if its on a car that he pulls, he can get it.
2012-06-30 00:29:43
But im willing to pay for the window wing from the dealer, juat ship it with the other parts shipping was like 90 i think.
2012-06-30 00:32:53
I can ask him.
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