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Thread: engine harness ?

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2012-01-17 01:35:33
engine harness ?
so im pretty positive i have a engine harness out of a 98 200sx ser, now for the rear o2 sensor wire colors are black, brown/yellow, white, and red/yellow correct? also where can i find this plug i cant seem to locate it? thanks
2012-01-17 04:33:20
^ Colours are correct. Doubtful you will find the plug. Newer SR engine harnesses, such as my B15, have a sub harness for the rear o2. This sub-harness attaches to the main engine control harness. I am pretty sure the plug you are looking for, on a 98 engine harness, does not exist. It should be attached to the body harness of the car you got the engine harness from. Somebody correct me if I am wrong....
2012-01-17 04:41:11
ok thanks, yeah i went from a 1.6 to a sr20ve, i wound up having to get an 98 ser harness cause the plugs didnt match under the dash. so do i have to get chassis harness from a 98 also?? cause im still using chasis harness from the 1.6, the front o2 sensor was right now im really scratching my head lol
2012-01-17 05:05:43
If you are using the '98 engine harness I would think you could just splice into the engine harness for your rear o2. You don't need to buy an entire body harness. You just need the o2 plug off of it. Could probably get it off a car at a junk yard or off the forum here. You would have to trace those four wires that you mentioned in your first post, and then splice into the engine harness to attach the rear o2 plug. You may have to extend the wires, so it reaches. Just make sure your wire connections are solid as well as heat shrinked and taped with good electrical tape. This is what I would do. Maybe somebody else has a better sugestion though.

Three of the wires run off of the ECU and the other comes from the Ignition switch (battery) without a relay, so you should be fine to do it this way.
2012-01-17 05:19:12
ok i will research that. wish i would of known earlier. ill doo more research
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