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Thread: Can't read Check Engine

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2011-11-18 07:01:09
Can't read Check Engine
My check engine light is on and have taken it to Advance Auto twice to get it read, but nothing comes on as if the OBDII port does not work. When I first bought the car about a month ago, it seemed to have an automatic ECU so I replaced it with a 1995 G20 ecu and the check engine came off until I went to the DMV and somehow it went back on and they read PO130. Went back to Advance, still their scanner does not even turn on. Based on what I read on the forums, P0130 is a bad 02 sensor. Now my question is how did the DMV get the code and is it really the 02 sensor?

On a side note, the car seems to hesitate and jerk at lower rpms especially in gears 2 and 3. I don't think its the clutch slipping as it doesn't happen other times. I also noticed that its least noticeable when i fill up with Shell's Vpower and most noticeable when I used Delta's 89 octane. Sunoco's 89 seems to not be as bad as well, but regardless the jerkyness is there. Could it be a bad fuel pump? Or me just imagining things with the gas and the problem is related to the bad 02 sensor?
2011-11-18 10:56:43
All I can tell you is that it took going to 2 advance stores and 3 different people to get my codes read. My car had to be in the on position before they plugged the reader in. They kept trying to plug it in and then have me turn the car on. Maybe try that.... I now have a bluetooth obd reader and the torque app on my phone so I just do it myself. Sorry I can't be of more help to you.
2011-11-20 18:02:58
Look into getting a ScanGauge II. They have come down in price and are pretty handy in the car also for the future.

But I'm also with Chef on this.

Could be a number of things. I would start looking at vac lines and seeing if there are any noticeable cracks. Also take your intake off and open open up the butterfly on the throttle body. Might be due to carbon build up. Check the norm... plugs, wires...etc. Depending on what code comes up that might be your issue.

Good luck.
2011-11-21 02:54:28
The OBD2 port is ran off the cig lighter fuse. If the scanner doesn't turn on. The fuse is probably blown. I guarantee it.

*some cars have the obd2 port fuse by it's self. check the fuses!
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