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Thread: GTI-R Steering Wheel

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2011-11-01 22:57:41
I've wanted this on my b13 since I saw it how much do they go for I looked and couldn't find any.
2011-11-01 23:06:26
Originally Posted by 200_sx
Old 1990 pulsar nx steering wheel = best but the gtir one comes close second, it's a bit smaller than the pulsar gtir one but almost the same.

off topic story:
btw my first car was a Nissan Pulsar with the ga16i (12 valves engine) so reliable in fact that i was able to get past the gas cut off and downshift to 9100rpm before the timing chain broke LOL yes i could enter the second gear at like 120 km/h, from 3rd to second i got 9100rpm no joke, cutoff was at 6700rpm but you could go past the cut off(only when downshifting)

i did that like 10 times to 8000-8500rpm and nothing broke

I had an aftermarket muffler & a custom intake (pflow) i was able to destroy almost all civic's, si's .... (except the ones with gsr or type r swap) i was shifting very fast though, the car probably had like 100hp but i had a brand new clutch in the car, man that was fun.

Now i got a 200hp SR20ve lol i can destroy all the type R's

and i still have my Pulsar nx steering wheel in my Sentra LOL, i kept it for all these years(since 1998), was in my nx2000 for 5 year, now in my sr20ve sentra, still my favorite steering wheel

If you have a pic I'd like to see what it looks like
2011-11-02 12:49:07
+ 1 on the pulsar pix, interested to see the difference
2011-11-02 18:11:37

this is not a pic of mine but i found it on google pics, a guy was seling one on ebay for 50$

The 240sx 1989 use the same steering wheel too, but there is some buttons on it so the pulsar nx's one is better.

This is my favorite steering wheel, yes i like it better than any aftermarket steering wheel, it feels perfect for me.

I have this steering since almost 15 years lol and i only drive Nissan's

The gtir steering wheel is like 3/4 inch or 1 inch smaller than the Pulsar nx's one
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2011-11-02 18:17:57
Originally Posted by RidinOnRails
is this a straight bolt up or do u need a hub and such like hooking up sparco wheels up ??

Fits no problem, most of Nissan steering wheel fit.
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