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Thread: Ok stupid ac question

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2011-05-02 23:54:24
Ok stupid ac question
What refrigerant does a 96 200sx ser take? R-12 or the newer crap. Ive searched and i keep getting shit on r12 subs on google. Just curious cuz if r12 going to order some freeze 12 and if not just goign to shucks to get stuff for it. I need to get my ac recharged and im not going to pay to have nissan or jiffy lube up your ass do it, the ac was last recharged in 2007, but since doing the ve swap well you guys know. So simple question And thanks.
2011-05-03 00:10:50
should be the same as my 97. R134a.
2011-05-03 00:12:58
Cool, thanks. I figured it was r134a since it only cost me 80 bucks in 2007 to recharge the system, but i just wanted to be sure. Dont need to fill it and fuck the system up. Thanks teal Be nice to have ac back in the ve swap, my son will like it.
2011-05-03 00:17:46
The 1994 SE-R was the first to use the new refrigerant (R134a) and from then on the Sentras used R134a.

Edit: Slow on the trigger and Teal97 gets the KO.
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2011-05-03 00:20:21
Thats what i thought, but every time i searched i got some really weird ass results about r12 subs lol. Yay its cheaper.
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