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Thread: Triple Guage Pods

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2011-04-24 03:23:31
Triple Guage Pods
Anybody know where I can get one? Havent found a place that sells them for our chasis.
2011-04-25 16:34:47
2011-04-25 16:42:14
Don't do it... say no to rice.
2011-04-25 16:56:33
I used to have one, and no longer have it, and no i dont miss it. I liked it in my rice days, but now im all about it being clean. Put them in your dash, do it right and have it look good. If you only need q or 2, do it on top of yoru steering collumnear the cluster, looks better.
2011-04-25 16:57:59
I have one for an nx if you need it... I actually like them lol... but I am a ricer at heart.
2011-04-25 19:48:38
I have one for a b14 with autometer phantom gauges. Shoot me a PM if interested man.
2011-04-25 22:55:03
Im definitely not a ricer and to me it does not seem rice at all (no offence), but I can't put 4 guages mounted in pods on my steering column. I was planning on putting the boost, oil and water guages in the pillar pod and having my wideband on my steering column. I would put them somewhere on the dash and try to mold them into the dash, but Ive never done any type of work like that and dont want to ruin a perfectly good dashboard.
2011-04-26 06:40:00
i dont think its rice really but on the pillar they draw alot of attention from like cops, people wanting to steal things, and other ricers riding around, which the last 2 are the worst cause I hate being at a stop light and some idiot next to me is revving the crap out of his engine cause they can see the gauges on the pillar..and im just trying to drive to work..........
2011-04-26 19:57:57
Yeah, that I can understand. Im going to try and fiberglass something up for the gauges. Ill see how that goes.
2011-04-26 20:01:07
What you shoudl do is this. Pull out the center vents, get some plastic, heat it up, glue it into place. Then cut it out for your gauges.

I was trying to find where i got mine from years ago, but i cant their was someone making them on the forums back in 07.
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