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Thread: got into an accident, fml

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2011-04-23 05:49:18
got into an accident, fml
damage isnt that bad, but its still an accident, it was totally other guys fault. i had the right of way, he was at a stop sign and pulled out infront of me but he told cop it was his fault. i was pretty pissed when it happened, honestly if i wasnt in uniform AND seeing the cute ass girl that was with them with nice butt and huge rack is what probably stopped me from tearing some one's head off, lol. in all honesty just glad it wasnt worse, no serious injury or death, mine was more of disapointment after a while after being like, crap! i just got those headlights and corners a month ago and was going to put on my exhaust on tomorrow. but i realized how strong 200sx/sentra front ends are and how weak alero rear bumpers and bumper supports are (the metal that attatches to the unibody) lmao

any ways as i said it could have been worse, to me looks like easy stuff but thats as far as i can tell

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2011-04-23 07:29:14
Ouch! Sorry to see that . But atlease its not too bad.
2011-04-23 08:48:57
sorry to hear, but at least your ok
2011-04-23 13:47:11
ya like i said just kind of the that crap feeling when you see your car messed up. just kind of sucks that it happened when i came down to see my fam for a day as they get to go home for easter while i have to be at home then go back to class a day later, then a little more than 1 month from now i'll be in iraq lol. this is my first accident... well with me driving, i've been in accidents as a kid with other people driving. just want her fixed and not all ugly.
2011-04-23 14:31:54
I know how you feel. Ive been very paranoid the last few days since today is the day of my ve swap that something bad was going to happen to my car, it always does before hand. And thursday i almost got ina 3 car accident cuz of one of those explorer truck things, i wouldnt let him in behind me, so he cut me off and then idk if he was texting or what, he slammed into the accord that was in front of me, i shot into the emergency lane and the person behind me slammed into the explorer truck pos thing. I was like NOT THIS TIME!

But it will get fixed, you got a nice car there. Time to go to the wrecking yard with the insurance money, and then buy some more new goodies for your car to say your sorry.
2011-04-23 16:13:01
dang man, that is some bad but good luck for you. but ya i'm kind of big on like karma(?) type thing, i havent done anything bad so maybe that means something really good will come out of this.
2011-04-23 16:34:14
Oh damn, that sucks!
2011-04-23 19:50:45
Glad you ok man! Hope you get it fixed so you can put the exhaust on!
2011-04-24 01:15:14
sorry to hear, pics of the girl or i doubt she was there and she was a illusion.
2011-04-24 01:30:08
x2 pics of other guys girl
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