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Thread: knock sensor problem

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2011-04-19 04:18:13
knock sensor problem
Hey fellas,so I finely got me a b14 se-r.I gotta go through some bs to register it but I have a little problem to smog it..I did the obd2 check and it said it was a knock sensor. I know its located under the intake maninfold but is it easy to change??and is there supposed to be a noise if my motor was knocking? Is that the reason white smoke keeps coming from my exhaust?? Thanks guys
2011-04-19 04:53:06
White smoke is coolant.
The knock sensor is not easy to change. The bolt is torqued down tight and thats what make it hard to take off. I had a check engine light code for the knock sensor also and it ended up being the knock sensor harness and I had to replace the whole wire. Over time they get old and don't send the correct signal to the ecu.
2011-04-19 06:59:20
Is the knock sensor harness expensive/hard to install?
2011-04-19 14:36:26
Honestly, I had a shop do it for me since it wa already there being dyno tuned. The knock sensor code was causing the car to pull timing and my dyno #'s were low.They made there own harness by taking two wires and twisting them (same concept as rca cables to reduce radio interference). The factory harness is not something you can just buy from the dealer.
2011-04-19 17:24:39
You can more easily unplug the knock and plug a new one in. then zip tie it to a harness until you pass emissions. Then find the time to replace it correctly. If you plug a new one in and the code does not come back the harness is fine.
2011-04-19 19:50:49
Dang I heard it dumbs down the motors power and you get bad MPG...I guess its time to take it too school...what do you guys suggest about the white smoke???
2011-04-19 20:04:30
How bad is the smoke? Do you have to top off the coolant fairly often?
2011-04-20 00:13:04
Im pretty sure the knock sensor doesn't trigger the check engine light to come on so if your just trying to pass emissions you should be alright.

Originally Posted by xCONWRATHx
How bad is the smoke? Do you have to top off the coolant fairly often?

what he said
2011-04-20 00:25:36
It does not throw the light but it does log a code.

About the white smoke, i would check on the head gasket pretty soon before it gets out of hand.

How many miles on the motor?
2011-04-20 01:32:21
The Guy I bought it from said it was no more than 60k on the motor. Who ever swapped it sucked ass cuz there's a bolt missing on the passenger motor mount..and out of hand? I don't know too much about mechanics but sounds Serious.what could happen?
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