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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2012-07-09 03:52:12
you can use a g20 armrest, just screws on, hard finding the thick ones like the one i have, but mine is the factory nissan one like said abouve, the leater is 96 g20 taken off the g20 power seat frames, and bolted onto the 200sx seat frames, all that holds the 200sx seats togther are 4 bolts for the rear, 4 for the bottom, then you just have to be careful taking everything apart and putting back together, and not everything on the g20 bottom bucket goes back together bolt wise, only 2 bolts on back on 1 side, and front on other side, but you dont notice anything. The backs are a pain, if your eally want you can keep the folding function, but i dont care about that, i keep the part the seats lock into, but knock out the bottom parts that are tac welded, but otherwise backs slide right in. I actually have a extra g20 rear seat, and front driver seat, just missing a passenger seat lol.
2012-07-09 03:53:12
I do have a meaty g20 console piece to, but id want around 50 for itif you were intersted because its one of the best shape ones ive ever pulled, no rips or tears, and only a lil wear on it, i was going to keep both my se-r and se-l, but now im parting out my se-r and throwing everything onto my se-l, so kind of pulled all those interior parts for nothing lol.
2012-07-09 03:56:24
More pics now that photobucket is finally working again.

2012-07-09 04:01:03
Special thanks to SER96VSPEC (Robert) for helping me with installing stuff:
Switched from my Tein HA's to my Tein SS's so my HA's can be rebuilt. Also installed the ebay 2.5in DP since the EGR bung on the primaries did not align properly with the EGR pipe (stupid ebay brands...). Robert spent 2 hours trying to bend the tube. With many close fittings, we had to give up, it was near impossible to make it fit. So I'll be deleting my EGR.
Some crazy thing happened, I guess considering the SS's are 1 in. shorter than the HA's the brake line mounting spot is a bit lower than the HA's and we overlooked the placement of the brake line so as a result, the brake line was rubbing the inside of my driver front rim and put a hole in the brake line. This went undetected until 2 days after.The scary thing that could have been catastrophic if it happened, happened the day after. I drove about 100 miles with 4 people in the car with me. but the brake line held up on the freeway with me cruising around 80mph. the next day (2nd day) Luckily when the brake line gave out, I was 2 mins. away from home and I was only moving about 20mph when the brake pedal sank to the floor. I have to limp home using the handbrake. When I got home and looked at my wheel, there was a puddle of brake fluid on the floor and my rim/fender well was drenched in brake fluid.
So now barney will be sitting dormant until my new brake lines come in. And to make primaries of the "ebay" header fit on barney, I will be deleting my EGR as well. So once that is done, I should be making more power. But I wont know until the next dyno day.
Also I have made the decision to keep Barney N/A, build him up a little bit more and finish off with a nistune ECU. I have other plans with the t25 I bought off andreas miko...
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2012-07-09 04:08:28
Deciding on if she needs to be garaged until I buy a house with a garage...and ill end up DDing a stock g20
2012-07-09 04:23:17
Replaced the red car's lower oil pan, new valve cover gasket, distributor o ring, and spark plugs. Cant wait to start her up. Been driving the dd for awhile now.
2012-07-09 18:43:04
put my new to me rimz on, went and got a almost neon green paint to use on calipers and had my buddy make a custom pearl pink to splatter on the rims. Still need to get a dark gun metal paint though.

this weekend and all next week is filled with rebuilding my rear quarters to loose the rust and damage, side moldings and spoiler

2012-07-10 00:01:29
Power mirrors,weather techs,seats,adn corners all pulled and swapped off teh 200sx so far. Hopefully going back out to do the headlights off here in a few, but been to hot had to come in for a break.
2012-07-10 00:04:26
New B14 stuff
New rear OEM hardware and KYB boots. Waiting on top mounts, and both NVH gaskets from Greg V. Back to stock for sanity.
2012-07-10 01:11:56
I looked at it...
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