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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-06-26 05:33:21
i ran my car today at the track for the 1st time and actualty ran a 15.5 not the best but not to bad for a pop charger ve intake tube and g20comp
2011-06-27 01:08:33
installed prothane sway bay bushings,and energy suspension end links, i feel a noticeable difference overall a nice bang for the buck mod.
2011-06-27 01:50:23
Put the spark plugs back in after being gone all weekend ( i dont trust anyone when im gone lol) and saw behind my fence my new header. Now waiting for the rest of the exhaust system and my grill

You know what really pisses me off. I ordered my exhaust, and my header last monday the 20th. My header showed up yesterday, on saturday. Both are coming from florida. I just tonight got the shipping number for ups saying it ships from them tommrow, a whole week later. Unless they made it from scratch, which they dont say online, and if was the case should of sent out thursday at the latest, it kind of pisses me off. I wanted to get this shit done next weekend, hell their shipping said it woudl be here by july 1st. Sigh.

And i just opened my header and saw this.

It/ looks like its been drug across the ground, BUT there's no damage to the box, so it happend before it was shipped. Its all scratched to hell. Already emailed them on this. I come back from a great weekend to shit not being the way it should when u spend alot of money.
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2011-06-27 02:07:08
pulled out yet another clutch to be replaced....grr....
2011-06-28 00:07:58
Got my new grille in.

2011-06-28 00:10:33
4 thumbs up,that grill looks great in there.
2011-06-28 00:12:32
JDM goodness.
2011-06-28 00:35:32
^ jdm b14 parts man here.
2011-06-28 02:00:52
starter went out, so its being replaced... and also put a "hellafunctional" sticker on Barney.
2011-06-29 14:02:04
i put the 194 led's in the license plate lights...
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