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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-05-10 03:48:45
Originally Posted by xCONWRATHx
I tried the aircraft paint remover, it took care of the clear, but none of the paint layers. I've used it before with good success, but these wheels had about 3 different dupli-color paintjobs on them with poor prep, so they needed to be taken down to the original primer.

Sand blasting it didn't do it? thats crazy.
2011-05-10 04:46:58
Sand blasting ended up being a bad idea. I don't know whether the blaster wasn't powerful enough or what (a buddy of mine did it for free at his shop) but it was able to remove the top couple layers of paint, but wouldn't do anything about the factory paint and primer. It actually ended up pitting the primer in certain areas, but not removing it, so those areas all had to hand sanded down to bare metal. I'm thinking about finding somewhere to acid dip them...
2011-05-11 00:09:56
Ripped out the worn out leather wheel, and airbag and installed my grant wheel and nismo horn button. Sad thign is the datsun 510 is missing its grant wheel untill i find another one, because apparently 8 months ago when someone stole my jack out of my garage, they also took my spare grant wheel, PISSES ME THE HELL OFF. But anyway heres oics.

2011-05-11 13:14:18
I washed off all the love bugs, what a pain!

And installed a cone air filter!

Silver Streak
2011-05-11 14:18:11
Oh i forgot to add this yesterday. So i went to sears, harbor freight, baxter auto, cost less auto, napa, all looking for the tamper proof torx t-50 right. NONE OF THEM HAD IT, sears had it in a set for 50 bucks with a bunch of other shit, and they had non tamper ones for sale in singles. So i got home, unhooked the bat, fuse, and waited half a hour. And then remembering i had taken the airbag out years ago hoped the bolts would be loose.So i jammed my long flat head into the left torx nut, and got it to break free, but the right side would NOT. So i just grabbed the airbag and pryed the fucker off. It all came out good, and now i have my better wheel in. I loved the stock wheel, but the leather was worn, and im not paying the prices people want for good shape stock wheels lol.
2011-05-11 18:09:23
i had a long convo with mine and it couldnt give me a good resion on why it wont start
2011-05-11 19:21:31
Laughed at it during a hail storm.
2011-05-13 19:26:26
Got my new corners in from dganic23 my old liuspeed corners have fallen apart after the years, good quality but the guy i sold the car to obviously fucked with them to much. Sigh, so i got these, came in today, didnt fit the lights to well so i painted them and they came out good, not what im used to but not bad. Going to try and refurbish the old corners.

2011-05-13 19:38:16
Looking good . Been thinking about doing this to my fog lights.
2011-05-13 19:40:19
I had that done to my fogs, but apparently the hid bulbs i got for free for my fogs have a bluish tint lol, so they were shining through Green lol, didnt look to good that way lol. So once i get yellow bulbs ill re paint them yellow again.
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