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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-05-30 19:21:18
I blowed mine ups
2011-05-30 19:31:51
Ouch! The VE-T?
2011-05-30 19:51:44
It was a JDM lowport. Head flows the same as VE and the intake manifold is better...just doesnt have V-Tek.
2011-05-30 23:13:14
what happened?
2011-05-30 23:19:21
Number 1 injector O ring "dissapeared" and dumped fuel in the cylinder about a block from home.

I notice that everytime something bad happens its always when Im just driving around and not beating on it.
2011-05-31 01:17:43
Front 98 bumper put on. I need to try to fix the plastic on the rear bumper since its cracked on the bottom passenger side. Shoudl be able to glue it from behind, then sand it and primer that lil chunk and have it look decent. Wes your the man, thanks for the bumpers, and nissan_crazy thanks for bringing them out to me. Was awsome to meet you today. Now for the oics.



And a poor burnt sentra in the yard yesterday.
2011-05-31 01:44:43
Uhhhh... is your car related to KITT?
2011-05-31 01:51:09
Part of the alarm system, at least it is now lol. Was just a geek thing before untill eggman mentioned i should hook it to my alarm for a alarm light lol. Just a geek out thing.

And yes, its the baby of kitt and karr, they ended up fucking eachother when kitt turbo boosted through karr. It was given up for adoption and i recently took it in.
2011-05-31 02:13:10
Are you gonna keep running the mesh screens that Wes had in the fog light holes, or are you gonna put the fogs back in?

EDIT: I can't tell, are the fogs behind the screens? That's pretty tight if so.
2011-05-31 02:29:51
Yep got the fogs to fit behind the screens, its pretty bad ass looking, and it hides all the chips and cracks in my fogs. I love the front bumper, i just need to repair the crack on the back bumper, and then it still wont be able to go on till i change my exhaust system, since it sits at the freaking ricer angle, the 98 bumper wont fit right
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