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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-05-22 04:12:47
His car is probally white from you bursting all over it
2011-05-22 06:27:39
i think somone is a little jelous that no one cares about what he did to his b14 today
2011-05-22 14:17:40
Meh i dont really care that no one care.I know i would blow my load all over his car, thats one sexy combination and i love white b14's. I almost cryed when i saw the smashed white se-r b14 in the pick n pull
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2011-05-22 14:33:52
dan your 200 is equaly as nice, and dont get me started on that 510, I'd bust all over that if I saw it in person, Ive been thinking about what car I should get after I finish the 200 and I think I will get a 510.
2011-05-22 15:36:15
510's are fun, so very fun. And thanks nismo, but your 200 in looks leaves mine in the dust. Someday ill get mine back up to where it should be. Were goign to run a lil painting booth in my garage this summer, me, lynchfourtwenty, and mcluvin. Going to paint both their b13's, and then well do the prep work on mine since its still got clearcoat on it, and paint it. After shes painted and no more peeling clear coat, and fucked up spots on the paint ill feel alot better on how she looks. Plus im going to paint over the neo vvl stickers so it loooks just like raised lettering in the paint but do a dual tone paint on the car. Black above the door bumpers, and dark gunmetal underneath. Kind of like the Karr Paint job in knight rider, kitts evil twin.....but thats just a maybe after i run a photoshop to see how it looks.

I feel bad for my 510, i stole its grant wheel for the 200sx, so shes not going anywhere till i get another wheel lol. But she deserves to slumber for a while.
2011-05-22 16:21:00
Hello guys, some days ago i went racing with my 200sx SER, here is the on board video.

Also i added for some look my new Sentra B14 98 Grill, in the video there are some pictures of how it looks.
I finished 3rd in my category and 7th in the overall.

YouTube - II Interclubes 2011 - Tuko's 200sx SER - SpeedCR.com
2011-05-23 00:06:34
Who can tell what i did today?

Decided thsi is the color im going to paint the ser. Midnight blue.
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2011-05-23 06:48:53
put 92 SE-r seats in because originals were torn up and put a new clutch in
2011-05-23 07:07:39
Installed b15 pedal, master, slave, and a b15 LSD 5 sp. After all that found out the master doesnt work. O well. I'm hydro now ( mostly anyways )
2011-05-23 17:11:20
Originally Posted by kzoosho
Installed b15 pedal, master, slave, and a b15 LSD 5 sp. After all that found out the master doesnt work. O well. I'm hydro now ( mostly anyways )

Did you bench bleed the master before installation?
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