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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-02-28 16:09:53
Race bearings for a race car
2011-02-28 18:05:33
Originally Posted by Will
why are you always cleaning your MAF? i've never cleaned mine

The MAF wire works best when it is clean. It gets dirty within a month of driving. (At least mine does, but I drive it every day) That little wire heats up and cools down constantly and that allows dirt and crap to build up on the wire sensor. That wire sensor is directly related to how much fuel goes into your engine and a vital piece of both proper economy and performance.

It is the easiest thing to do on our cars and makes a world of difference. (especially when you have never cleaned it)
2011-03-01 02:33:52
ordered LOTS of parts for it! yay!

STB's, lots of diffrent poly bushings, dress up, and maintenance parts, true CAI.

tomorrow i order my header

also DID some stuff.

repaird rad fans, adjusted timing, cleaned leads on plug wires, tonight will be making new grounds or cleaning whats there for the MAF, etc.
2011-03-01 03:00:43
Registered her today, and got to take her for a run on the freeway.
2011-03-01 03:12:35
This morning I get to work, close my door and the damn window goes down. When I come home I take the door panel off and yep, I need a new window regulator. So, used a small c-clamp to keep the window rolled up. Hopefully, it will hold until get the part.
2011-03-01 16:31:52
Not today,but last Saturday,installed an aluminum flywheel,ACT clutch,new axles,12lb battery,new wheels,new tires,Ready for spring.
2011-03-01 16:40:11
Tried to install from front LCA brace but couldn't get the bolt out to save my life...

So I tried to put the rear sway on.... ahh fuck it. I'm going back to bed.
2011-03-03 10:41:12
Pick up new OEM wheel bearing and inner and outer seals. Pulled off the passenger side knuckle and dropped it off to have pressed in. Put on new tie rod ends. Fixed the front bumper and lined it up better. Got new pressed in bearing and took it for a drive and still have some kind of grinding noise.

Gotta be the new POS axle. I fucking hate parts stores... So going to get it checked out today. Hope that's the issue before I waste money on another alignment.
2011-03-03 12:53:01
Found out cylinder 4 in my new engine has 0 compression.....SHIT!
2011-03-03 12:55:06
Originally Posted by Big
Found out cylinder 4 in my new engine has 0 compression.....SHIT!

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