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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2012-06-24 01:39:07
shaved and sandblasted my valve cover today so its redy for paint and workin on my xbrace

2012-06-24 02:15:04

Drove the new sel some more today, went to the pick n pull trying to find a 96 se-r bumper...failed hate that base model bumper on there. Really impressed with how the de is running in her on day two, and how the auto tranny is shifting still, she may just stay stock, but get fixed up. And ill just keep the 200sx and park it till i start working again or go back to school. Because truthfully i really dont want to pull her apart at all after how much work that has been put into her, and keeping the sel auto is really tempting with my bad back and leg, but im am thinking im going to pull my g20 interior out of the 200sx and put it in the sel, and put the stock 200sx interior back in her due to how cracked the leather is in the se-l.
2012-06-24 21:35:07
Hit 220,000 miles a few days ago. Oil change a few weeks ago.

Need new struts up front. Probably need a new ball joint on the right hand side. I got a weird pop full turn, low-speed, such as when I would be parking the car and return the wheel from full lock to straight forward I will hear it when I begin to turn from full-lock to straight.

I miss P10.
2012-06-25 00:39:01
the valve cover had to finish the spots i missed and im gettin redy to mess with x brace

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2012-06-27 19:42:25
Was at the yard trying to find a 96-98 se-r or seven sentra se-r with fogs front bumper to repalce the base model bumper they put on the se-l and found a 96 g20...So i had to investigate, didnt say anything about it on the parts list, ALL BLACK LEATHER BABY! one rip on drivers seat, and passenger back, so got the passenger bottom, and driver back, and the whole rear top and bottom was perfect cept for one tiney finger nail size rip. So onw i just need 1 more seat and i got all g20 leather for the se-l to match the 200sx lol. My babies are goin to match eachother way to much

Black n blue baby. Their the Bruisers.
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2012-06-28 12:58:21
Got my new LEDs in the mail. Yesterday I put on the license plate lights, trunk light, and attempted to do the A/C lights, but I lost one of the bulbs in my car ;_;. Tonight I gotta hunt it down and get that and my cluster lights done. Pics of the finished product will be up tonight .
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2012-07-01 08:00:23
Started the tear down a little bit Should have a new engine and clutch kit next weekend. Will have it running in no time
2012-07-01 16:58:39
Removed axles, intake, starter, etc to drop tranny for oem clutch install. Waiting on chapnutz for that flywheel
2012-07-01 17:41:15

Junkyard stuff on
2012-07-01 20:55:40
Gonna be picking up a SSAC header for barney! It isnt exactly a 2.5 version but its bigger than 2.25. (2.36 to be exact) I should be making more power over my Gen2 HS header so Hopefully I'll finally be in the 160whp range! And I'm also supposed to be taking off the tein HA's and throwing on my spare tein SS's so I can have my HA's rebuilt.
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