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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2012-04-15 17:44:45
New B14 LSD Gearbox installed with Competition Pressure plate and Disc Whooo!
2012-04-15 21:18:22
Went out for a nice cruise around Reno enjoyed my new RR DE while contemplating possibly doing a turbo.
2012-04-15 23:22:38
Got her timed today, and hesitation is FINALLY GONE. But, i can smell fuel, apparently one of the screws holding the tank in broke...so now its leaking pressure and im smelling fuel, so now i need to find some more of those tiney 6 screws...damnit.

And had some fun today. My dad took his (art Huges) old dime out to the club meeting today.

And then the wifes brake light was burnt out, i picked up a bulb and figured it woudl be fast...NOPE. Apparenlty you have to take the whole fucking lense out to replace the bulb, and there are only TWO bolts holding the whole tail in..? But they were like they were fucking welded on.

So no quick access to changing the bulbs, wonder how many pay the dealership to do this for them...
2012-04-15 23:57:27
Went autocrossing,took second place FTD,again,and getting pretty pissed off about getting beat by a supercharged Miata.Stoopid boosty cars
2012-04-16 04:48:12
What class are you in? There was a Mini Cooper in Houston that prevented me from getting FTD by 1.07 seconds. I did manage to top a few nicer cars and a Miata that held 3rd ftd, but the driver was a female. Was not proud of my B14 that day.
2012-04-16 15:20:15
I'm in DSP.Got knocked off by one of my friends in his 99 Miata,supercharged,5spd swapped,275 Hoosiers all the way around.We usually trade FTD's from event to event.We took down a Lotus Exige,a GTR,1/2 dozen Z06's,etc.Not a real big deal,those guys weren't all that experienced.But it always sounds good
2012-04-18 23:44:45
finaly drove my b14 after 6 months or so,ve swap with stage 5 compition clutch and lots of brand new suspension parts,is a stock sr20ve on small lobes faster then a stock de?cuz i drove it on small lobes last nite and it felt a bit faster then my old de i/h/e with good compresion all across
2012-04-19 01:26:55
Gave her a good wash today!~!

2012-04-19 03:56:21
Got it back from the mechanic...new gearbox...new clutch disc..new flywheel...whoop! The streets are cracking under the vvl lol
2012-04-20 18:56:34

new intake
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