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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2012-04-14 20:05:44
pulled the grill out to make my own custom grill

how it looks for now. gotta finished cuttin some of it and sand it down

also priced materials to make my own custom rear x brace behind the seat and for my custom harness bar.

2012-04-14 20:18:09
fuzzy, you know u can get a 2 peice grill on ebay that you dont ahve to cut, the mesh comes right off, its how i made my first mesh grille years ago.
2012-04-14 21:24:21
i know, but it takes the fun out of me doin stuff plus i might end up doin more the just addin mesh lol

2012-04-14 21:45:36
first i unwired the emanage then
put in some 370's and z32 maf and then re-tuned.
2012-04-14 22:57:20
Got the mold out and started working on sanding it down and get some of the tape off. Far from perfect. But strong as hell. 8 total layers of glass to hold up to the spl. Best part... the spare reinforces the box.

Also got my windows re-tinted due to the film failing after 9 years. But looks nice...just wish you could have done it Larry. I also added a rear window visor from a 01 civic ex. Fits pretty damn nice. Once again... not perfect but with the tint it's really hard to notice.

2012-04-15 00:05:04
I kicked my B14. Thars what I did to it today.
2012-04-15 00:23:44
Originally Posted by Vex630
I kicked my B14. Thars what I did to it today.

where did the like/thanks button go????
2012-04-15 01:34:41
Yellow star on the top right corner of the post.
2012-04-15 02:14:53
o shit
2012-04-15 02:18:28
Oh no he didnt!
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