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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-08-21 06:38:16
what did i do to my b14 today? ...i drove it to pick up a redbox movie. ...wasnt really worth it cause the movie wasnt all that great. ....but, i did finish my v-mount on my s13.
2011-08-21 15:27:11
Originally Posted by danfiveten
Im the same way on chrome wheels, but some nissan wheels look good chromed. Like the titan wheels look awsome chromed, my dad has a set on his hardbody. These things were a big score years ago by me, and glad to have them back. It just sucks The drivers side front wheel the chrome is peeling really bad around the valvestem so i will need to figure something out with that, worse case scenario will be having to get it re-chromed someday i hope not but i love them on the car. They are different, yet keep the stock look.

Absolutely agree. With our black B14's the chrome is an awesome option. Just wish I had a set
2011-08-21 16:22:37
There was another set on my local cl 4 months ago, i thought they were my old ones, but the guy wanted 300 bucks lol. They are rare but when chrome chips off like that no way i would pay 300 bucks for them. Certain chrome rims look good, while others suck ass. Im glad these ones dont. And like you said, they look good on a black b14, specially 95-97 with the chrome and not black trim.
2011-08-21 20:24:21
drove it..thats about it..i NEED to get these brakes swapped out ASAP!!
2011-08-23 01:23:20
Over the weekend, New front tires and an alignment on Sat, then Sunday oil and filter, and decided to pull the pan on the Auto trans. I used Seafoam trans cleaner drained after I drove it for 5 or so miles, pulled the pan and filter, put in the new filter. Then i see these fuzzy looking circles in the pan? Hmm, I lift one out and discover they are circular magenets there are 2 of these that sit over 2 dimples in the pan. Score for Nissan! great idea! I clean them off put the pan back on and fillerup with fresh Trans fluid. Start her up and shift into all gears, they engaged right away!! So Fsat forward to this AM start her up for my daily 75 mile trip to work...ahhh trans now worked flawlessly all day!
2011-08-23 02:34:54
Burned mine in the driveway!!
2011-08-23 02:41:19
Cleaned maf, TB and intake manifold. Changed my VVL activation point again now @ 4.8krpm. Ordered o2 sensor
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2011-08-23 03:54:29
Down to the ground!!
2011-08-23 03:56:47
I got mine set at 4.6. Mainly cuz my switch refuses to go to 4.5, every time i try to set ti there it kicks in at 3900 rpms >.>
2011-08-24 03:30:06
i made attempt 300 to fix my damn cel p0325 or 0400 whichever is the stupid egr one. looked like hose was a little long from bpt to egr and had caved. we will see...

and yesterday i realized the bnib greddy sp2 is gonna have to wait. who ever had the car before me put a aftermarket cat and welded it into the cbe piping. fml... muffler shop want to install cbe so they can line up a flange or i can drive with no cat and pray the piping doesnt smack the road.... dont know what i wanna do. sucks man.
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