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Thread: My B14....wat u guys think??

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2010-10-02 18:05:55
The car sounds very nice and the cars pretty clean
2010-10-02 18:11:55
Love the color,the wheels look real good.Good luck with it.
2010-10-04 22:08:30
Originally Posted by SE-R2FAST
Love the vid. You should make more.

Was your car recently in a craigslist ad or eBay?

yea it was on craigslist but not anymore...haha
2010-10-05 20:46:55
did you buy this car from a guy in washington?
2010-10-05 20:54:47
Originally Posted by shingouki1
did you buy this car from a guy in washington?

a girl from washington...lol
2010-10-06 22:27:47
hey guys......need ur help....so i picced up the car from the shop today cuz i had the s3 cams put bacc in and now it idles real low and always dies out when i come to a stop.....it was tuned with the s3's in there but after taking the stocc cams out and puttin the s3's bacc in it seems its gotten worse.....and the reason why i had to reinstall the s3's is b/c the previous exhaust cam was damaged at the end where the distributor slides in so i had to find/order a replacement....it ran better on the stocc cams....do i have to reset the ecu or something??
2010-10-06 23:36:03
try resetting the ecu. wont hurt it that is for sure.
2010-10-06 23:44:36
wow. these cars get around. i really like your car, man. i told the last owner that also. and the 1 before her (Brian). it's all good. the TEAL will get ya through. have fun with it but, STAY SAFE
2010-10-06 23:47:57
so i just disconnect the battery for 30 sec or something to reset the ecu rite??
2010-10-06 23:57:38
leave it off overnight. try 20 mins first if u are that impatient.
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