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Thread: HELP!!! ball joint problums

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2010-06-17 21:53:32
HELP!!! ball joint problums
well i went to replace the driver side hub cuz the wheel bearing went out. in the process i messed up the threeds on the lower ball joint. how do i replace the lower ball joint???
2010-06-18 19:56:00
bump i need your guys help with this issue please!!!! i got a new ball joint today now how to put it on in the problum
2010-06-18 20:28:12
its got to be pounded out/in, when i did mine it was a PITA
2010-06-18 20:34:42
would a press work!???
2010-06-18 20:40:43
u need something to go aroud the ball joint to press it threw
2010-06-18 21:01:36
Did this last weekend. You will need to rent a small ball joint press from autozone/checker auto. It looks like a big C clamp with different attachments - and press it right in.
2010-06-19 04:30:14
first remove the snap ring with snap ring pliers. use a big hammer to pound the old ball joint out. then like rent a ball joint press from autozone press the new one in and install the snap ring. done. its very easy
2010-06-20 21:42:17
well i used your guys advice i got the ball joint press and it was so easy thanks to all my friends on here
2010-06-20 22:26:45
Dont Forget The Snap Ring!
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