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Thread: controlling door rust issues..

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2010-06-12 05:49:41
controlling door rust issues..
Hey all, I have recently picked up a 97 b14 with zero rust around anything else but these damn doors...it's not bad yet but it is starting to get there. I'd like to tackle it before this winter..

What causes these cars to rust here? Bad door seals? The seals look a little torn up and bent, which could possibly be causing rain/carwash ect to get down there...last rain we had the rust was very damp so it's leaking there from somewhere, but where? I'm considering replacing the door seals, I assume I'll need to go direct to Nissan.

Any insight here?
2010-06-12 07:27:05
the problem is the drainage fr the sunroof. The tube goes down the a pillar and stops at the front of the door jam. The tube doesn't go all the way down and out of the car. So the water justs sits there and rust developes.
2010-06-12 07:30:29
Yeah but non sunroof cars get it to. It's not just that. There are foam pads in the corners that apparently collect moisture and that casues it. (What I've heard anyways)
2010-06-12 10:25:38
So how do we fix this problem? I've got it on both driver and pass. sides. Extend the tube?
2010-06-12 12:55:40
The rust develops from all of the debris getting stuck at the bottom of the fender where the drainage exits out. No where for the drainage to go but get sponged up by the debris, leaving moisture. Unbolt the bottom 2 bolts of the fender and you will see what I'm talking about.
2010-06-12 14:12:49
To Tare care f your rust get a wire brush or grin.Der with brush wheel and remove it when yu see stand a lil around and throw someprimer on it. That way you're curing your metal.rust is a dancer for cars.u don't get it off your car it will spread and worse.door jams are coMon on b14.my dorm jams was bad and needed a shop to well new metal.if it wasn't that bad woulda just gorilla haired wet sand the jam painted and cleared the jam myself but i kept on putting a hood to it and it cost me lot for doing that
2010-06-12 15:14:28
Thanks for the info. Will def. take care of this asap, don't want to lose the car to PA rust.

2010-06-13 03:33:00
Originally Posted by jh200sx
Thanks for the info. Will def. take care of this asap, don't want to lose the car to PA rust.


Let me know what you do. Mine is rusty as well. Door jams, front rad brace, and the right rear quarter is dead.
2010-06-13 20:25:54
What I'm probably going to do is clean up the rust with sandpaper/grinders ect. Then I'm going to look for an alternate way to make this water that collects GTFO my car. I haven't popped the fenders off yet, kind of waiting to order fender braces so I can do it all in one shot. One idea that popped into my head is if the sponges are there to collect moisture, if there's nothing sensitive under them why not drill a couple little holes so the water can just exit that way. Makes sense to me at least. I'll let you know once I have the fenders off and see what is going on in there.
2010-06-14 19:41:26
Here's the thread I started when I fixed my door jam rust.
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