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Thread: Advice for new setup.

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2010-06-11 22:02:05
Advice for new setup.
I've searched all around this forum and nico forum for info, its just become a headache . I'm trying to plan out a new setup for my 96 se-r. I would enjoy doing a VVL swap but I really want to do a boosted setup for the first time. I am not trying to spend a bundle or have to hassle with swapping a bluebird motor or gti-r motor like every other thread I read on here. I know there is alot of you sr20 pros on here. I want some advice on a setup, and advice on what to do with the transmission as to its un-reliability. Help would be so very appreciated.

I know this sounds like just another newb thread.. but I prefer more feedback on price, labor, difficulty and parts on swaps.
2010-06-11 22:21:18
Hmm.. well ultimately it will cost you a lot more to go turbo, considering a good kit is at least $1000. Then you're going to need a better transmission, so add that cost. Then you're gonna need a tune ....

VE is popular on this car because it's cheap and operates like stock, also fuel economy is pretty nice with that swap from what i hear. And the potential to make 200hp+ on that motor is definitely there.

Just my 2 cents.
2010-06-11 22:34:20
Yeah, just was digging around the forums and figured the same... Can you possibly throw some links out there on the how to / what you need for the ve swap? And possibly the best place to purchase one, since I know how it is all hit and miss with buying a motor online.. Thanks!
2010-06-11 22:49:30
Geezus dude. The info is stickied at the top of pages. Do some research instead of insisting on being spoon fed.
2010-06-11 22:57:15
Damn man, i knew i'd get burned but damn. I didnt know that was the thread. Chill out.
2010-06-11 23:03:41
Its just that this has all been covered a million times. If you can think of a thread topic related to these motors...its been done.
2010-06-12 02:06:10
Ve swap for a b14 is pretty straight forward.just need an ecu a maf and a window switch to get it running.modified b15 dizzy if you don't wanna wire your ve one up.heater hose adapters.use your harness ps bracket oil filter bracket modify your throttle cablebracket n u should be good
2010-06-12 14:22:32
If you want to be sure about a motor, buy it from Andreas Miko. Cost a little more, but they are hand picked.
2010-06-14 03:03:17
With a lightly modified turbo setup (of course you have to make an intake system) your stock sr20 transmission will hold.

If you decided to turbo your usdm motor you may end up saving money. More than likely though, both will probably be about the same price in the end.
2010-06-22 18:11:51
^ what he said, a stock T25 setup, clutch, and ECU used from a reliable forum member can run you as cheap as $1500, a VE motor from the forum can run you the same, depends on how much you wanna spend and how fast you wanna go. Turbo setup will get you 200hp installed, with a VE you will need to spend a few more hundred after you get it to net 200hp...
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