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Thread: 1/4 and rear window trim??

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2010-06-10 19:33:47
1/4 and rear window trim??
just wondering does the trim come off without removing the windows or do they have to come out, doing a color change on the car and i also want to change the chrome stuff to black so it would be way easier to take just the trim off, thanx
2010-06-10 20:13:20
I'll find out in a few for u
2010-06-10 20:23:40
1/4 windows are one piece.
2010-06-10 20:56:37
guess ill have to learn how to take that glass out then
2010-06-10 23:00:07
the 1/4 windows are easy. Take the plastic interior panels off, remove the 10mm bolts and pry it out. Be careful as they are held in with a strong sealant.
2010-06-12 07:22:16
I'd almost go as far as to say we need to get someone that could cut vinyl to overlay on top of the chrome. The 98 window trim is hard to come by and this would eliminate the need of swapping the window itself out. This becomes even more of a hassle if you have tint on your windows.

I'm not usually a fan of too much vinyl on a car but I think a black or colored overlay would interest a lot of people that aren't big fans of the chrome window trim.

I personally hate it because my car is all red/black minus the damn window trim.

Any takers?
2010-06-12 07:39:01
i just finished installing flat black vinyl on my chrome trims and it looks great
2010-06-13 05:34:42
im probbly just gonna paint it, im just not a big fan of chrome, i even look at most of the new cars coming out especially fords and say to myself the first thing i would do is paint all that chrome crap black lol
2010-06-15 22:42:26
Originally Posted by 99sel-r
i just finished installing flat black vinyl on my chrome trims and it looks great

Where did you get the vinyl?
2010-06-16 22:16:16
flat black paint also looks good.
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