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Thread: power steering reservoir blues.

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2010-05-30 18:17:27
power steering reservoir blues.
So, bought the car a few weeks ago. Noticed the power steering reservoir leaking all over the place. Lovely.

I was wondering what happens to these, exactly. Do the hose fittings on the reservoir crack, do the hose clamps wear out, rubber hoses just degrade, what?
2010-05-30 18:26:36
I think the car gods just hate use when it comes to these. I'm pretty sure I've almost replaced every piece of my PS system now. First the reservoir was leaking like yours is when I got it. Replaced that, then the lines leaked so I had to fix those. Then one of the hard lines broke. Now I'm pretty sure the pump itself is leaking.

I'm guessing lowest bidder parts on it.

I would like to know too why these seem hit and miss with us.
2010-05-30 19:46:10
I had this problem with my '96 BMW as soon as i bought it, but it was a hose.

I've noticed that both hoses were leaking on mine.

Does the reservoir really need replacing? was there anything wrong with yours? I know that the filter needs to be replaced at some point.. could be an excess pressure buildup.

My PS definitely feels funny - seems to have more resistance the harder i turn.
2010-06-02 03:24:18
I have just taken off those crappy clamps, used the nice hose clamps you find everywhere for about a $1.50 (if that) and replace them. Stopped the leaking all together.

Those clamps form factory, SUCK.
2010-06-02 05:08:58
AHA! I knew i bought hose clamps for a reason, Tackling this soon !!
2010-06-02 07:16:01
Originally Posted by Viprdude

Those clamps form factory, SUCK.

You said it! Just put regular worm clamps on there and youll be good.
2010-06-05 20:16:07
I've pretty much replaced my whole ps system, hard lines, pump, resevoir, clamps, hoses
My most recent problem was the brass hex nut thing came loose on the bottom of the pump, was that a mess I'm still getting fluid out of the engine bay a month later
I find it useful to double clamp every rubber hose once I remove the stock clamps, it removes all chances of leaking, unless the actual hose is leaking
Btw I get my clamps at home depot in the plumbing section, because they are stainless steel
2010-06-07 21:41:35
Replace the hoses and clamps. I rarely see plastic reservoirs go bad.
2010-06-07 22:38:45
Thanks guys. I'll start clampin' things left and right when it stops raining like a mother out here
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