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Thread: b14-b13 ????

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2010-01-12 03:16:44
sorry guys im taken up your space i just wont post here anymore. and so you know morgan i moved that post cuz i posted in wrong area
2010-01-12 03:58:19
Originally Posted by CalHasLostVegas
you know nothing...please Read more in this forum.

ok mr know it all... no question is dumb. but here is a pic of both shocks.. YES both front shocks will work on both cars no prob. But are they the SAME NO. the b14 shock is slightly taller than the b13.... the b14 is on the left

2010-01-12 04:17:22
is that a rear and front?
2010-01-12 04:19:26
Originally Posted by morgans432
is that a rear and front?

no those are both front...
2010-01-12 05:48:30
Obviously hes question was only reffering if he was able to use b14 shocks in a b13 or the other way around. if that little difference is enough to make a difference, then Great job Buddie !
2010-01-12 16:34:30
Originally Posted by nissanb14jdm
well sorry but this is how i am learning by asking ????????? no ??????? is a dumb ?????????????

Actually, you can learn by Searching and reading. It's strange, but true. You don't have to start a brand new thread and ask every single question that pops into your head.

Some questions are indeed dumb questions. When they are unreSearched and have been asked a million times.

Originally Posted by morgans432
I told you the answer the other day.

Well lookie here:

That seems pretty definitive.

Originally Posted by nissanb14jdm
sorry guys im taken up your space i just wont post here anymore.

Holy crap on a stick. Pity party, table of one. Would you like a cheese and cracker appetizer to go with your whine? .....

Don't ask questions and then apologize for your questions. Further, don't come back with a "woe is me, nobody likes me, everybody is pickin' on me" sob story of a reply. Both of those types of responses are mealy mouthed, subservient and utterly annoying.

1) Search, 2) read, then 3) ask anything you damn well like. Ask for clarification. Ask if you have the right idea from your reSearch. Ask if you are on the right track from your reSearch. Ask if you have no idea of even how to Search for the answer (unknown "keywords" that are or may be necessary). Ask if you have Searched for the answer, and are getting frustrated with no results. Ask to be pointed in the right direction.

After Searching and reading, ask any question you still have left. We'll be happy to help.

Shawn B
2010-01-13 00:14:20
B13 and B14 front struts ONLY are interchangeable.

Just an FYI... KYB Agx B13 fronts only add a little more travel on a b14. But not the other way around.
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