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Thread: Suspension diagnosis

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2009-12-10 06:22:01
Suspension diagnosis
So I'm a brand new 96 SE-R owner and my front driver side is blown. Any pothole feels like a foot drop. And then it makes a thump-thump-thump sound as I'm driving and is speed sensitive (so if i slow down its thump----thump----thump and on the freeway its thumpthumpthumpthump) HOwever.. any turning the wheel right makes the noise go away completely! anybody got experience with this? The car was dropped by springs not sure of the brand. But I am looking to raise it back up to stock...
2009-12-11 08:43:00
Two posibilities come to mind:
First is the most obvious - CV joint.
Second - there is a bearing in the middle of the passenger side axle that is bolted to the engine under the car. This bearing could be bad, allowing the middle of the axle to thrash around.
Check it out and fix it ASAP or you could be stranded by the side of the road. The axles from Rockauto are reasonably priced. The passenger side axle includes the bearing.
I have a set of stock springs you can have for the cost of shipping (from Atlanta), if you are interested.
2009-12-11 12:39:57
It's a long shot, but it could be a broken sway-bar end link up front. It's worth checking out at least.
2009-12-11 18:48:30
If it is lowered chances are they use some crappy springs that are too low and use the stock shocks. Get some factory springs and some replacement shocks and you should be good.
2009-12-11 20:24:21
Thanks, thats what I figured what was goin on. Finding stock springs is a pain, nobody got em!
2009-12-11 20:35:24
How old are the struts on the vehicle? it could be that also try bouncing the front end by pushing down on the hood see if it's really easy to push down on it
2009-12-12 01:45:30
Nope not easy to push down, pretty stiff. Not sure on age of struts
2009-12-12 01:53:00
i'm pretty sure i can get you some stock replacement shocks and springs if you need. PM me if interested.
2009-12-12 15:14:47
Originally Posted by dave_id
Thanks, thats what I figured what was goin on. Finding stock springs is a pain, nobody got em!

I have a set of 98 SER springs if you need them.
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