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Thread: 98' SE-R Mid-shaft:

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2009-11-11 23:00:27
98' SE-R Mid-shaft:
I was wondering if anyone knows how much a mid-shaft for a 98' SE-R goes for and where can I purchase one asap. If someone can guide me in the right direction, I'll greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!
2009-11-12 00:18:11
Mid shaft? What are you referring to...
2009-11-12 01:39:57
Alright, I figured it out thanks to Andreas Miko. What my friend and I thought was the mid-shaft, really was just part of the CV joint to the passenger side. That is was broke on my SE-R. So I just need to by the passenger side CV joint. This was causing my car not to move at all when I put it into any gear. My car would just rev when it was put into any gear, and the MPH would move as well because the tranny was still reading. So if anyone has this same problem, I hope this helped.
2009-12-29 20:08:50
man this happen to me last nite in a back road late at nite it sucks ass
2009-12-30 03:56:30
Dang man, good luck. I hope you get it fixed soon. It's an easy fix at least.
2010-01-07 19:59:24
ok i had this problum and got it fixed. get under your car and look at the axel i bet your anything one has came out just enough to make it not go. so check it out cuz that is what happen to me. the reson mine came out is cuz one of the bolts broke off and caused the tranny to twist and pop it out so check that out
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