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Thread: How to convert an internal coil distributor cap to external coil?

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2009-08-31 04:04:59
What do you mean by high tension leads? I have the msd external ignition tower and a new cap, I just don't wanna make a mistake and screw up the cap drilling on it.
2009-09-02 13:38:19
Bump !
2009-09-02 15:22:26
When I say high tension leads, I'm talking about the thick spark plug wires that carry very high voltages. This includes the four spark plug wires and the wire from the coil to the distributor in a B13 setup. With a B14 distributor with internal coil, there is no high tension lead from the coil to the distributor (because the coil is built in). Instead, it uses that high tension "stack" inside the distributor cap.

Anything that carries extremely high voltages can also be called high tension. Sorry for the confusion. Maybe I should just say high voltage from now on, but it's abbreviated "HT" so often...
2009-09-02 16:58:10
please post a how to when you do get this figured out!
2009-09-03 01:25:44
Ah, I had an idea that's what you meant, but I didn't know for sure. I call them spark plug wires. I will post when I figure out how to do it. I just hope I don't have problems like other people who have converted the distributor to external coil.
2009-09-03 01:40:10
MSD Ignition 8803 - MSD Coil Power Tower Adapters - Overview - SummitRacing.com
that is a link to the post I have to convert the distributor cap to external coil.
2009-09-20 23:30:43
does the internal coil could be swaped for a new one??? i have a problem and i´m sure that the internal coil its the reason.
2011-03-12 23:23:28
nobody has figured this out yet?
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