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Thread: 200sx SE-R wont go into gear?!

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2009-04-14 06:00:38
Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies

And unsprung will eat trannies like no other.

Really? How so? Ive run an unsprung 6 puck disc in both my B14s. On my first B14 for about 55k miles (until a lady slammed into me) and so far about 18k miles on my second B14.

Im not turbo or anything super powerful (unless you count a 75 shot strong ) but I do ALOT of autocrossing, ALOT of long trips (2k round trip every 3 or 4 months), and I rag on my B14 like there is no tomorrow.

I dont want to start anything. I would just like to know. I know our trannies are weak but how do unsprung clutches eat up transmissions?
2009-04-14 06:04:28
I've just heard they kill 3rd gear, thats why i went sprung 6 puck.
2009-04-14 06:18:53
Exact same thing happened to me about a year ago: ripped clutch in half. Everything you are discribing is what happened to me and what Like TheMovies is saying.

Sounds like your problem. Sorry bro. Just get you a nice new 6 puck and slap her in, that's what I did.
2009-04-14 21:17:16
happened to me too. took out the disc and all the springs were broken.
2009-04-15 03:00:37
well my friend's pulled my trans while i was at work tonight. haven't really heard from them except for the fact that they dunno what it is yet. if it were my clutch they would know..but i do have a 6puck just chillin that i could, and might throw in since i have already dropped the trans.

i think its something with my T/O bearing..when you push the clutch in, you can hear a faint whining...
2009-04-15 03:35:11
so my friend just called and said it was the fork that moves the T/o bearing that broke. i have a spare so the car will be fixed tomorrow...thank god!
2009-04-15 23:03:34
Did you take the pressure plate to make sure the clutch was still good? I'd do that if you haven't just to make sure.
2009-04-15 23:56:24
yeah checked the clutch/pp and everything is perfect. trans is still in perfect shape aswell. im taking advantage of the down time, and installing my MSD SCI, Greddy Rocker arm Stoppers and painting a few things. cant wait to get it back on the road!
2009-04-16 18:30:00

sorry for the crappy cellphone picture, but there's the broken fork. ordered a new one from nissan yesterday and it will be here friday
2009-04-29 17:36:36
happened to me once.. one of the retainer arms for the springs in the clutch hub broke off. couldnt get it into gear.. swapped clutch.. good to go
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