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Thread: Post pics of your slammed b14

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2012-04-27 02:44:56
Interesting fitment...How much camber are you running in the front and rear?

The fronts could be a little more aggressive but I'm sure there aren't too many tire choices at that size.
2012-04-27 02:56:27
wow did not know 10s almost fit without poke on a b14, Im really considering going 16x9 all around now on my car I feel like the 10s are a little too much poke.
2012-04-27 03:07:33
I kinda agree with chapnutz.. thats sort of a VW look
2012-04-27 03:37:24
it is a lil much, but i still can appreciate it. it looks good, alot better then a rusted out shit box on stock b14 ser rims....

2012-04-27 06:47:10
I gotta agree. I think its a over all clean looking B14 with its set up. Could be too much poke on the rear for some people, like myself, but for some it may look good. It def looks nicer than a lot of B14's out there.
2012-04-27 08:10:46
looks nice but the rear wheel, its needs a intervention
2012-04-27 12:51:20
Originally Posted by blackwater32
Too much poke in the rear...

Must resist smart-ass remarks.....

Originally Posted by BrianFlockaPenn
you would have to ride in it. I did custom spindles and made clearance for my rear links and front control arms. it handles and rides very comfortably and I have about 3 inches of travel in the back and 2 in the front. I'm not ignorant I just know what i wanted and I put in the work to make it happen.

Morbid curiosity. You have pics of these custom modifications and engineering solutions?

Originally Posted by BrianFlockaPenn
In the stance scene we say "form>function" and "low is a lifestyle" so I understand if you don't agree with slammed cars or why i would want my suspension to bind but it works for me and I think looks great and rides comfortably.

Interesting paradigm. "It's better to look good than feel good." Impossible for me to relate to, but long as you're happy. I don't have to look at it, and I sure as hell do not have to ride in it.

Originally Posted by chapnutz1
sorry but i have to say this, your car is ugly as fcuk...leave that style to the jokeswagons

You are such a rude bastard. And you are correct. But still a rude bastard.

Originally Posted by STRATTON
it looks good, alot better then a rusted out shit box on stock b14 ser rims.....

That is like saying a ham sandwich tastes better than cat-shit smeared on a stale tortilla.

You're still not saying much about that sandwich.
2012-04-27 17:16:25
Its not the rear wheels bro, its the TIERS! Something is weird about them. Ever seen a dyson vacuum cleaner that uses a ball as support and not wheels? Idk ur rear wheels look like they are mounted on some dyson vacuum balls. New rubber that makes 90* angles with the rim will look good
2012-04-27 22:38:25
its not for everyone. and you would be fine with 10's at a lower offset. I'm running an 11 offset so if you ran a 36 or 30 offset it should fit with a proper tire size. the front juuuuust clears with the 7.5 barrels.
2012-04-27 22:40:34
I'll send some pictures of the fabrication once i start tearing it down for the tranny swap, paint, and interior change.
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